Multifacet and diverse, encompassing so many different yet equally alluring aspects within its embrace, Mykonos, is the place to be. From its notorious, sizzling party scene, to its breathtaking beaches, world class historical monuments and unparalleled opulence and glamor, there is so much to say about the island of the winds, and it is hard to know where to begin. So, let’s start with a little background history.


Some two thousand years ago, Mykonos was the satellite of sacred Delos -nothing less than antiquity’s center of the world. Throughout the eons, as various conquerors came and went, the island’s fate and course changed many times over -from riches to rags and vice versa. In recent years, until the early 1950’s, it was a sleepy, fishing port with poor and rugged inhabitants -albeit ones who boasted an inimitable zest for life. This, coupled with the pristine, idyllic environment and sparkling, blue waters, is what lured the artists and the intellectuals of the era at first, and immediately after royalty, politicians, social butterflies, hollywood stars and financial tycoons. In effect ever since the 60’s and the 70’s, Mykonos became an instant hit for just about everybody who’s anybody.


Why rent a luxury villa in Mykonos?


Today, Mykonos is worshipped for its flamboyant nightlife culture, thereby constituting an unfalteringly popular destination for big parties seeking to rent a group luxury villa in Mykonos.


Yet, in light of its captivating coastline, world heritage monuments and museums, fine dining destinations, upmarket beach clubs and some of the clearest waters to be found in the Mediterranean, it also appeals to the world’s highest end, most sophisticated holiday makers seeking to enjoy la dolce vita in their utmost luxury villa in Mykonos.


This is where Mykonos Panormos Villas enters. Conveniently situated 5 klm from the main town and not far from the airport, it is a renowned, opulent resort just 250 meters from beautiful, long and sandy Panormos bay, home to the world’s glamorous beau monde. Catering to those who demand no less than the very best and are accustomed to a life of pampering and indulgence, MPV offers a collection of ultra premium properties to match different party sizes, individual preferences and needs. From the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa” to the romantic one bedroom retreat, standards however remain unfalteringly exacting. So whichever you choose, you’ll soon discover that your luxury villa in Mykonos blends lavish surroundings, to die for décor, signature amenities, utmost privacy, privileged location, a private swimming pool, and 24/7 courteous service.


What’s more, you’ll find out that your Mykonos Panormos luxury villa in Mykonos affords breathtaking sunset and sea views: So mesmerizing that you will most likely want to return year after year to savor the peace and tranquillity of your remotely located holiday home, whilst still enjoying fast and easy access to nearby, celebrities and socialites favorite haunt, Principaute de Mykonos, as well as Mykonos town itself with all the excitement it has to offer.


We are here to ensure you will be nothing less than delighted with your choice.


Contact us to find out more about your dream luxury villa in Mykonos.

Long and empty stretches of sand; deserted coves; boisterous, rough seas; strong northern winds; green rolling hills and a dramatic interchange of gray clouds and brilliant sunny skies. We bet that this is not what springs to mind when you think about Mykonos. Yet this is how it is in the winter: Still eye catching and alluring; albeit in a manner you’ve probably never expected.


At Mykonos Panormos Villas we do love our island of the winds, no matter the season. In fact during the slow winter months, Mykonos offers a theatrically intense scenery; along with a soothing, tranquil vibe, which makes it ideal for reflection and regrouping. The famous Mykonian hospitality moreover reaches its peak, as locals by now rested and stress free, open their homes and hearts to relatives and friends, new and old alike. This is also the time to honor a host of age old-and quite impressive- customs and traditions. So with Christmas in Mykonos just around the corner, we can’t wait to partake in the seasonal festivities.


The fascinating customs of Christmas in Mykonos


Christmas in Mykonos is a time of devoutness as well as joy. For in this tiny corner of the earth the spiritual blends with some intense merrymaking, in a potent -and for those fortunate enough to spend Christmas in Mykonos– unforgettable mix.


On December 27th, we will be joining locals and the few lucky visitors in the Saint Stefanos church to celebrate the namesake holyman by singing and dancing with gusto and zest. We will listen to the traditional “tsabounes” (bagpipes) and violins, and prance around in the typical- quite fast-Cycladic rhythm. And in real Mykonian fashion, we will go about it till the early hours of the morning.


On New Year’s Day we will enjoy the traditional Christmas carols from Delos and Mykonos sung by children’s and adults’ choirs traipsing the maze like streets of Mykonos town. We then shall feast on the customary meat roast, onion pies and honey pies. We’ll also make sure to eat some lard with greens or cabbage to attract wealth and abundance.


On Epiphany day we’ll admire those brave enough daring to venture into the freezing waters to retrieve the holy cross during the Blessing of the Waters ceremony. Legend has it that the one who succeeds shall be blessed with good luck throughout the New Year!


Later on on the same day we will once more dance to syrtos, balos and balaristos, as folk musicians play the violins, bagpipes and tubas. Hailing from an old Venetian custom, the Balosia held every year on January 6th, signifies the commencement of the nautical period and is fervently celebrated in true Mykonos style.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mykonos Panormos Villas


Indeed, for all of us at Mykonos Panormos Villas Christmas in Mykonos is a truly special, absolutely magical time. Let us raise our wine filled glasses and toast all of our friends, family and guests! Here’s to you! Kala Christougenna and Happy New Year to everyone! We hope to see as many of you as possible and allow us to spoil you rotten once again during 2019!

Mykonos is notorious for its party scene, but it also has some of the best beaches in the Aegean (if not the world!), with long stretches of golden sand to play at or tiny coves to discover; and that’s not to mention stylish resorts, great food, top notch services, an iconic, celebrated Chora, as well as an enchanting historical and cultural legacy. While you might have thought otherwise, here is why family holidays in Mykonos is in fact an excellent idea.



1. Spend some carefree days on world class beaches


Mykonos has more than 30 beaches so there’s plenty of choice. Elia, Ornos and Agrari Beaches are among the many family-friendly stretches of sand, popular with locals as well as visitors, in which you’ll get to spend the day immersed in the transparent turquoise waters, paddling, snorkelling or trundling around on a pedalo. Yet if you are looking for the best of both worlds, head to long and sandy Panormos bay:  Boasting shallow waters it is safe for toddlers to potter about; but it is moreover the stomping ground of those in the know. In fact the on site Principote de Mykonos is an uber hot, super elite beach bar, restaurant and boutique; frequented by socialites, trend setters and A-listers. So you might as well sit back and enjoy the renowned Mykonos scene -at its most glorious!- while your kids play safely in the distance. What’s more, just 250 meters away there is Mykonos Panormos Villas: An ideal option for luxurious family holidays in Mykonos, as it blends the privacy of a an opulent holiday home with the round the clock service and sociability of a fully fledged, 5* resort. Again, a win win situation!



2. Engage in leisurely bonding with the family


Mykonos Panormos Villas offers outstanding accommodation for different family sizes and types-from the nuclear to the extended. From the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa”, to the four, three and two bedroom retreats with private pools, all villas are lavishly appointed, blending Cycladic chic with the latest amenities, while offering ample indoor and outdoor living and dining space, comfy sun loungers and BBQ’s, should you wish to eat with the family al fresco, or even do some entertaining with friends. Perfectly suited for family holidays in Mykonos, your villa of choice shall feel like a home away from home-only better! The reason is none other than high level of personalized and specifically tailored services proffered at Mykonos Panormos Villas. Whether it’s an in house massage, an on call driver or a private chef to prepare a fabulous candlelit meal in your villa, you‘ll soon find that your wish is indeed their command. Bear in mind that child care is also an option, if you feel like wandering around a bit on your own – you’ll be in Mykonos after all! And there is also the breakfast buffet in the mornings, which all the kids and adults adore-both for its sumptuous offerings and opportunities for socialization with like minded individuals!



3. Enjoy the great outdoors


Speaking of pampering for you and your children, the MPV’ s concierge undertakes to organise everything you need for the most memorable family holidays in Mykonos. From a princely pic nic basket for the beach; to a private sailing trip; a kayaking excursion; horseback riding on the seafront; a cycling tour through the countryside; or even traditional cooking lessons. Options are numerous, and choice might seem daunting, especially if time is limited. Don’t fret however. The MPV’s expert staff shall identify which activities suit your family the most and then, with a keen eye on detail, put plans in to order.



4. Get lost in Mykonos Town


Celebrated by the likes of Le Corbusier, Jackie’ O and Princess Soraya; whitewashed, unfalteringly pristine Mykonos town is not a place to be rushed but instead to be unhurriedly savored. Get lost in its labyrinth, bouganvillia clad alleyways; stop at the Archaeological Museum, where you can admire jewellery, figurines, funerary statues, and pottery, which date back thousands of years. If your kids are interested in ships, do take them to the Aegean Maritime Museum, where a wide range of nautical instruments and ancient vessels are exhibited. Pop into the shops for designer wear or funky souvenirs; get photographed next to the island’s mascot Peter the Pelican; gaze at the seafront colorful rows of houses at Little Venice, sit down at one of its many restaurants, bars and cafes, eat and drink like a king and queen, while basking in your surroundings. You’re bound to love it -and your kids too!



5. Visit Ancient Delos


No family holidays in Mykonos would be complete without a trip to neighboring Delos: The mythological birthplace of the twins of Zeus and Leto, Apollo and Artemis, was the most important religious, cultural and commercial center of antiquity. Nowadays it’s remarkably well preserved ruins stand as testaments of its glorious past. Wonder through the historical site, admire the ancient theatre from the 3rd century BC, the Terrace of the Lions and the exhibits at Delos Museum like the Torso of a Kouros dating from the middle of the 6th century BC; the Marble statue of Boreas; and the Bronze mask of Dionysos, from the 2nd century BC. You are bound to feel history coming alive; and it is the kind of immersive, educational experience your offspring shall be thanking you about. A few miles from the cosmopolitan shores of Mykonos, Delos is easily accessible by boat-whilst MPV’s concierge may arrange everything for you.

Since the “discovery” of Mykonos- with its magnificent blue and gold beaches, hospitable, authentic people and iconic, whitewashed town- by the jet setters of the 60’s, the Greek island has emerged as a preferred holiday haven for clubbers, bon vivants and gourmands; beach bums, yachtsmen, surfers and water sports aficionados; couples, families and groups of friends with a distinctly epicurean frame of mind.


Invite your loved ones and enjoy world class beach bars, fine dining and phenomenal sunsets, while basking in the hospitality of Mykonos Panormos expert staff manning your stylish 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos.


Bask in the hospitality of a unique 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos

Perched above scenic, serene and sandy Panormos, the “it” crowds’ favorite beach, a mere minutes drive from the airport and the city; this 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos, is an elegant, yet cozy, beachside retreat offering breathtaking sea views along with the trademark Mykonos Panormos Villas hospitality. Blending Cycladic architecture with the latest luxury amenities and conveniences, it is a dream home away from home, with plenty of tricks up its sleeves: A traditional barbecue, state-of-the-art kitchen and satellite TV in its chic, roomy living room, among others. What’s more with its spacious sun deck and canopied poolside party and dining area, this 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos makes an idyllic venue for an intimate wedding or any other special event.


After all we do aim to please. So whether you are looking for a fabulous candlelit dinner concocted by our in house chef, an uber relaxing massage or a trustworthy baby sitter, we’ve got you covered. And while it is tempting to just stay tucked in your 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos, while getting the royal treatment; bear in mind that just 250 meters away you’ll find the celebrities and socialites favorite playground, Principote de Mykonos: An elite, exclusive venue-in fact one of the three hottest beach bar restaurants in the island – with amazing Dj’s, designer shopping and world class chefs. Head there for the party; or if you’re looking to socialize in a more relaxed, low key manner join our breakfast buffet in the mornings, which is always a great place to see and to be seen. Actually this is what makes a world of difference at Mykonos Panormos Villas: Designed for pure indulgence, it is a unique hybrid that blends the exclusivity of a sequestered holiday home with the cosmopolitan sociability and round the clock, personalized services of a 5 star resort.


We all need a little pampering sometimes no matter what. It’s an investment that’ll benefit our future selves. Besides, nobody ever says no to a repose as reward for toiling work. As they say, work hard, play harder. And what better place to play rather than at your luxurious, 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos, from the Mykonos Panormos Collection?

You’ve been going to Mykonos and having the time of your life for quite some time now. Out of habit so far you’ve been staying at this hotel or the other- which was great and convenient for a while- but somehow, you grew somewhat tired of it.


So why don’t you try something different on your next visit and opt to reside in your own private pool villa in Mykonos?


Imagine basking in the pure luxury and indulgence of your very own little slice of heaven on earth.Think about never having to share the pool -or compete for the best poolside spots- with other noisy guests again. You only have one life after all; you might as well make it a pampered one!


Conveniently situated 5 klm from the main town and just 250 meters from beautiful, Panormos bay– home to the world’s glitzy, glamorous enfant gate- Mykonos Panormos Villas is a one of a kind hybrid resort blending the sociability and comfort of a fully serviced, 5* hotel with the exclusivity and seclusion of a private pool villa in Mykonos.


Choice is vast and varied at the Mykonos Panormos Villas Collection, catering for a variety of party sizes and accommodation needs. Read on to find the right match for yours and start planning the holiday of your dreams!


Anassa 7 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: State of the art luxury meets Cycladic charm at this privileged retreat designed for optimum comfort and relaxation. An ideal choice if you are planning to come to Mykonos with the whole gang. Kids will have the time of their lives splashing and playing around at the private pool; while adults may sip exotic cocktails lovingly concocted by the expert villa staff.


4 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: Just check the view from the pool. Need we say more? Your family, group or party guests will never forget this spectacular island escape. Equipped with the latest amenities, it boasts an organic design that showcases the stunning sea views. Enjoy sundowners by the pool or prepare a delicious BBQ meal with fresh fish (or meat). Oh the bliss of the Greek island lifestyle!


3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: Just a short walk from paradisiacal Panormos beach, this gorgeous home away from home allows you to have the best of both worlds. Relax, unwind and recharge your batteries in your own private spacious haven; or just walk 250 meters to the beach and join the party at the celebrities and socialites haunt, Principote de Mykonos: An elite, exclusive venue-in fact one of the top three hottest beach bar restaurants– with amazing Dj’s, designer shopping and world class chefs.


2 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: Luxurious yet cozy with island style aesthetic, this holiday home shall be the ideal base for your escapades in Mykonos. Start your day with the trademark Mykonos Panormos breakfast buffet -a fantastic place to see and be seen while you sample various delectable delicacies- and then set about exploring the island of the winds: Enjoy its wealth of culture and traditions; savor the trademark, frenzied Mykonian nights; or just relax and catch some rays at the pristine, sandy Panormos beach.


1 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: Boasting uninterrupted sea views, sleek design and ample lounging space, this cozy albeit opulent hideout may host a most romantic getaway-or the ideal beginning of your shared life together. Enjoy some quality moments strictly for two, perhaps with a candlelit dinner prepared by our acclaimed in house chef. Just like the larger villas, these sumptuous 1 bedroom hideouts have access to 24hr concierge service, 24hr driving services, room service and endless tailor made options. So just let us spoil you!

Beautiful, tanned boys and girls in miniscule (designer) clothing, on a “24h champagne diet”, against the blue and white backdrop of the island of the winds. Instagram is on fire every day with posts like this; indeed Mykonos is the undisputed hip party queen of the Mediterranean. Yet with its idyllic beaches, picturesque alleys and whitewashed houses; gorgeous weather, magical vibes, glamour, opulence and world class services, Mykonos is also particularly suited for romance. After all love can happen anytime, anywhere, even in the wildest of parties! If the latter strings a cord; or if you are searching for an extra special, fun and unique place to celebrate the start of your common life together; you need to look no further. Choose to spend your honeymoon in Mykonos; and your are in for an experience bound to be remembered and cherished forever.


What’s more,  the elegant and luxurious Mykonos Panormos Villas at the “it” crowds’  favorite, long and sandy Panormos cove, a few minutes drive from the airport and the city; is just the place for the most unforgettable -and absolutely tailored to your preferences and needs-honeymoon in Mykonos.


The most romantic honeymoon in Mykonos Panormos Villa


The reason is simple: Designed to bring true exclusiveness -and class- to your holidays in the cosmopolitan island of the winds, Mykonos Panormos Villas, is a unique hybrid  that blends the singularity of a sequestered holiday home with the cosmopolitan sociability and round the clock, personalized services of a 5 star resort. And this is what makes a world of difference. For at MPV you may actually enjoy the best of both worlds, as you and your partner only worry about getting closer together whilst on your honeymoon in Mykonos.


To give you just an idea, one day you may opt to spend several leisurely hours getting pampered and massaged by our expert therapists alongside your beau or bell, next to your glistening private pool. Another, to entrust our seasoned concierge to arrange a romantic cruise for two in ancient Delos and then perhaps to enjoy an ultra atmospheric, candlelit dinner at your villa, artfully concocted by our talented in house chef. And then on the next, to simply walk 250m and find yourselves right in the epicenter of fun at Principote de Mykonos: One of the island’s most elite, exclusive and hottest beach bar restaurants- with amazing Dj’s, enviable shopping options and world class chefs- that is frequented by the beau monde and the glitterati.


After all how you spend your honeymoon in Mykonos should be your business; and at MPV the choices are vast and varied; while no judgement is held.


Same goes for the proffered accommodation options. Though most couples would go for the intimate 1 bedroom retreats with a private pool; others might actually prefer the expansive 7 bedroom Anassa. After all this island is renowned for its unconventional, daring spirit; and it is quite possible that some might be looking for a somewhat “alternative”, more sociable and boisterous celebration, which also includes their friends! Just contact us and let us co-design your dream honeymoon in Mykonos Panormos Villas.

OK, so you’ve heard about the gold and blue beaches; the misbehaving celebrities and the paparazzi; the whitewashed iconic beauty; the non stop partying; the good life; the happy go lucky-all permeating vibe. Undoubtedly intrigued and inspired, you’ve done your homework; and you have-quite justly-chosen to stay at Mykonos Panormos Villas: A premium luxury resort in Mykonos; which stands out for its ambiance, services and aesthetic; its wealth of accomodation options; as well as it advantageous location, 5 klm from the main town and just 250 meters from the stunning hideout of the world’s most glamorous beau monde, Panormos bay.


Yet did you know- for example- that Mykonos’ greatest star is none other than a funny looking, chubby bird with a long beak and a squeaky voice? Indeed Petros the Pelican, throughout his long and prolific career, has been petted and cajoled by Hollywood stars and royalty; and has even gone to New York for PR purposes! Or were you aware that the island of the winds hosts-not one but two- of the most famous clubs on the planet?


Fun facts and trivia such as that will provide you with some -rather entertaining-insider’s knowledge. Which will certainly come handy during your upcoming holidays at the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos: You may use, i.e., it to impress your friends, your family, or your hot date. After all, boasting a highly personalized approach to hospitality; at the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos, we strive to make your wishes come true; before you even realize that you actually have them. This list is but an example! Read on for laughs and more, before or whilst enjoying some carefree, uber-indulgent days at the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos!


Little Venice was a pirate’s den


This super idyllic, most photogenic spot in town, sporting rows of colorful captain houses with balconies literally suspended above the sea; is nowadays home to some of the hottest bars in Mykonos. Yet back in the 17th century; when pirates used to be the absolute masters and commanders of the seas; Little Venice was one of their favorite hangouts. They sung until their throats protested and drunk until they dropped. This “legacy” of course is alive and kicking these days, as Little Venice is unfalteringly frequented by merrymaking globetrotters, sipping cocktails from dusk to dawn.


Paint it…red


Or blue or green. Traditionally all doors and windows in the Cyclades were painted in vivid colors. Honoring the local vernacular architecture, nowadays Mykonian houses and villas still have bright multi-colored openings. In fact Chora’s characteristic image with the whitewashed cube houses and the blue, red and green doors, is amongst the most famous in the planet.


Mythical origin


Greek mythology stipulates that Mykonos was named after its first ruler Mykons – who was himself no less than the son of god Apollo. Mykonos is also said to be the sight of the battle between Zeus and the Titans. As the story goes Hercules who fought on the side of his father, succeeded in defeating the local Giants and then imprisoned them under the Mykonian rocky terrain.Purportedly they still remain buried there, at Houlakia Bay: A beautiful, pebbly beach, 15 minutes by car from the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos.


From rags to riches


Granted nowadays Mykonos is arguably the most coveted, elite destination in the Mediterranean. Yet until the 1950’s- or so- it used to be a poverty stricken and rather barren; howbeit beautiful, island. Until it was discovered by the artists and bohemians of the era; then the royalty, the mega tycoons and the superstars. Fast forward to 2018: There are several, very much distinct and opulent establishments throughout the island catering for its plush, upmarket clientele. Yet should you wish to socialize with the true glitterati, your best bet is Principote de Mykonos: This is a super exclusive beach bar, restaurant and boutique; in fact the stomping ground of the island’s coolest, hippest bon vivants; just 250 meters away from the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos. You might as well join the party, which is right at your doorstep!


Mykonos in numbers


There are 15,000 permanent residents on the island in the winter. 4,000 of them are foreigners. In the summer though, Mykonos hosts over 50,000 people in 1 day.


Mykonos celebrates over 70 country fairs. 38 take place in the summer, from June till September.
There are 4 nudist beaches, 31 taxis, over 800 churches-80 of them alone in Chora- and more than 100 bars on the island. Get ready to explore!

Whether you go with your friends, with your flame, or with your spouse and kids; as a student or in your mature age; solo or with the whole gang; you will surely have a blast in Mykonos. For the island of the winds, boasting world class beaches, a pristinely beautiful old town, picturesque villages, 24/7 parties, glorious food, 5* services, and a unique mixture of sophistication and glamour with happy-go-lucky, laid back vibes; is no wonder amongst the planet’s “it” destinations.


Wondering what to do in Mykonos? And how to make the most out of your stay? Read on for some insider’s tips and suggestions:


Live in style in a befitting luxury villa in Mykonos


Location is everything, they say; and they are quite right. Selecting the most appropriate base is of paramount importance; but might be rather daunting, in this synonymous with the good life island; where choices abound. A good idea is to stay clear from Chora, which tends to get too noisy at times. Just 5 km away, safely removed from the hustle and bustle, yet close to the action, you’ll find glorious Panormos bay: A beautiful, sheltered cove prefered by the glitzy beau monde. This is also home to Mykonos Panormos Villas: An exclusive seaview retreat, 250 m from the beach, featuring a wide selection of accomodation options that cater for different party sizes and needs. From the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa”, to the cozier 1 bedroom hideouts, each luxury villa in Mykonos, in the MPV premium collection, is renowned for its immaculate aesthetic; blending Cycladic minimalism – crisp white walls and clean lines –with state of the art amenities to provide you with a comfortable home away from home. It is also equally famous for its 5* hospitality, and trademark array of bespoke services, guaranteed to satisfy your every desire and whim. Indeed your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos radiates beauty and positive energy. No doubt it shall become your very own haven of serenity and calm; to nurse, restore and revive you after the befittingly long, fun filled Mykonian days and nights.


Party like Royalty


Mykonos is the ultimate party island in the Mediterranean. This means that wherever you’ll go, you’ll have a great time. But if you want to rub shoulders, dance and drink along with the true glitterati, head to Principote de Mykonos, just 250 meters away from your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos. A little slice of heaven with turquoise waters and soft pale sand, Panormos beach and its on site, super exclusive beach bar, restaurant and boutique, is the stomping ground of the island’s coolest, hippest bon vivants: A mix of aesthetes, celebrities, socialites-princes and princesses literally and metaphorically – who unfalteringly go there to spend some opulent, carefree moments in true Mykonos style. Join the party!


Have a sunset cocktail in little Venice


Little Venice in Chora, is the quaint, colorful neighbourhood with the rows of houses built on the edge of the sea. (Allegedly) they were once pirate dens; nowadays they have been turned to sophisticated cafes, bars and restaurants, serving the most delightful cocktails. Have one -preferably a champagne based concoction-while you watch the sun set down. It is a time honored ritual, observed by almost anyone who has been to Mykonos, ever since it was first instituted by pioneering visitors in the early 80’s.


Go on a cruise around Delos and Rhenia islands


A few miles from Mykonos’ shores there are two uninhabited islands: Delos with the famous archaeological site and Rhenia with its azure waters. The former shall provide ample sustenance for your imagination and aesthetic; as you traipse along the remarkably well preserved remains of the glorious ancient city. The latter will nourish your body and clear your mind; as you dive or snorkel in the crystal clear Aegean sea. The expert concierge from your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos, may arrange a private boat tour-with the vessel of your liking-along with a sumptuous on board pick nick. You just have to ask!


Enjoy a candle lit dinner at your luxury Villa in Mykonos


You don’t need a special occasion, nor excuse, to get some much deserved pampering. After all the island of the winds is all about indulgence; and no visit would be complete without enjoying a fabulous private dinner-for one, for two or for 20-at your luxury villa in Mykonos. Certainly pleasures of the palate are amongst the most essential holiday delights; and our on site chef one of the most acclaimed culinarians in this elite island. Let us spoil you rotten!

The 2018 season is officially on! This translates to all day parties with the finest bubbly, against the backdrop of gorgeous blue and gold beaches; loads of action in the form of water sports, including parasailing, SUP or banana tubes; a hefty dose of culture via a trip to neighboring Delos-the sacred island of antiquity; intensive shopping at some of the world’s most elite designer shops; rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars as you traipse through the labyrinth, quaint streets of whitewashed Chora; and that’s not to mention sampling divine food and drink while you bask in 5 star attention!


So, great news for all Mykonos aficionados-active or lazy; young and old; solo or with company; single or coupled; with or without kids. For despite what some might be led to believe, the latter is not a contradiction in terms. In fact Mykonos family holidays are ideal, provided that you are an Epicurean. Indeed for the lovers of the good life, no matter what is their age or party composition, the island of the winds is the quintessential place to be. For what is Mykonos, if not pure, unadulterated pleasure and joy?


Planning the ideal Mykonos family holidays at Mykonos Panormos Villas


Yet there are a couple of things you should consider, whilst planning your Mykonos family holidays. Iconic Chora, is one of the most idyllic places on the planet; and you should definitely get acquainted with its manifold charms. But it gets busy and super noisy at times.So while on Mykonos family holidays, it’s best to avoid staying amidst all this hustle and bustle; and rather to opt for a quieter, more secluded spot.


Conveniently situated 5 klm from the main town and not far from the airport Mykonos Panormos Villas, is a superb option for a gateway with the kids. This is a renowned, luxurious resort just 250 meters from beautiful, long and sandy Panormos bay, home to the world’s glamorous beau monde. The waters here are shallow; while the beach is protected from the winds. Plus there is the on site Principote de Mykonos: A super elite beach bar, restaurant and boutique; one of the hottest venues on the island and the preferred playground of socialites, trend setters and A-listers. So you might as well sit back and enjoy the renowned Mykonos scene-at its best, at that!- while you watch your children play safely in the distance.


Then again for a bit of family bonding, MPV’s expert concierge, may arrange a kayaking day trip with a sumptuous picnic lunch; or an excursion to Apollo and Artemis’ birthplace and Unesco world Heritage site, Delos. What’s more you may opt to drive into the close by Kalo Livadi, Elia or Agios Ioannis beaches, for a change of scenery and to engage in various watersports- from jet ski and tubes, to parachute, diving and snorkelling. Afterwards, in the afternoon, it is always a good idea to take a leisurely stroll through Mykonos town.Get lost into the maze like streets; pop into the shops; take a selfie next to the island’s mascot Peter the Pelican; sit down at one of the beautiful waterfront cafes; eat and drink while taking in your surroundings.


Your kids are bound to love these Mykonos family holidays, as much as you are!


The most befitting accommodation for your Mykonos family holidays at Mykonos Panormos Villas


Later on you’ll return happy and satisfied to your base at Mykonos Panormos Villas. Indeed this premium collection features a vast array of outstanding accommodation options to perfectly match different party sizes and family types-from the nuclear to the extended. This means that even if you have a -really-large family, you’ ll find the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa” especially befitting; but there are also four, three and two bedroom villas with private pools, to choose from. All are beautifully appointed, blending Cycladic minimalism with the latest amenities, while offering ample indoor and outdoor living and dining space, comfy sun loungers and BBQ’s, should you wish to eat with the family al fresco, or even do some entertaining with friends.


In fact your villa of choice shall feel like a home away from home-only better! For what makes MPV truly special is it’s unique hybrid nature blending the privacy of a sequestered holiday house with the sociability and round-the-clock service of a full fledged resort. Simply put, thanks to the high level of personalized care and solutions proffered at Mykonos Panormos Villas, your Mykonos family holidays will absolutely involve loads of pampering for you and your children. An in house massage? An on call driver? A private chef to concoct a fabulous candlelit meal in your villa? Or perhaps responsible child care should you feel like wandering on Mykonos’ wild side for a bit on your own? Whatever your wish, you’ll soon find out that it is their command! Get ready to have the most wonderful Mykonos family holidays of your lives!

Just close your eyes and imagine: Crystal clear blue waters and golden sandy beaches; a glorious sunshine and a fresh sea breeze; a transparent cerulean sky; unceasing motion, lights, celebrities and paparazzi;  age old quaint settlements in blue and white; happy go lucky vibes; designer shopping; haute gastronomie and some of the world’s most unforgettable parties.


We could go on and on, for it is actually quite difficult to put Mykonos into words; Yet pure delight-in all shapes and forms-is the short phrase that best captures its quintessence. Indeed the island of the winds is an experience to be savored at least once in a lifetime, and mid-spring is one of the best times to visit, as you’ll get to avoid the hoi polloi and instead receive the 5 star treatment that you most certainly deserve!


Read on why you should opt for a holiday break in a Luxury Villa in Mykonos, in spring.


Magical landscape


Nature is in full bloom, covering the island in a blanket of green dotted by red, yellow and purple, fragrant wildflowers. This is an image of Mykonos few- albeit very lucky-visitors get to see. Why not be one of them?


Perfect weather


In late April and May temperatures range from the high 60s to the mid 70s. The water is most likely to be cold for a swim (unless you’re the daring, adventurous type!), yet you’ll be able to work on your suntan with ease; while it shall be warm enough-but not scorching- for long, delightful walks on the beach and amidst the cobblestone streets of Chora. Plus the tourist hordes will be absent, so you’ll get to enjoy the postcard perfect scenery without the hustle and bustle.


Exclusive treatment


Mykonos’ beaches are world famous not without reason: Whether sandy or pebbled, all feature an amazing, striking landscape and the clearest, blue waters. Plus they have nowadays become the place to be: Especially the ones equipped with world class establishments, with 5 star services and opulent sunbeds, have even supplanted Chora’s bars and clubs as the preferred stomping ground of the jet setters and the glitterati.


The good thing is that at this time of year Mykonos’ beaches are significantly more quiet than they are during the peak summer months. This means that you’ll get to enjoy their worldwide famous charms sans the annoying, show off, poser types, that tend to creep in later in the season.


Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the island, just 5 klm from the main town, is the long and sandy Panormos cove: A favorite of the international “It” crowd and one of the most ambient, energetically charged sites on the island. In fact Panormos is home to the celebrities and socialites favorite haunt, Principote de Mykonos: An elite, exclusive venue-one of the top three hottest beach bar restaurants– with amazing Dj’s, enviable shopping options and world class chefs.


Just 250m away from this shrine to Mykonian cosmopolitanism and glamour, you’ll find the equally, ultra chic Mykonos Panormos Villas. Among this opulent collection, you’ll be able to identify the Luxury Villa in Mykonos that is most befitting to your tastes and desires. From the intimate 1 bedroom retreats with a private pool to the the expansive 7 bedroom “Anassa” Luxury Villa in Mykonos, the choice is vast and varied, catering for different party sizes, individual preferences and needs. Yet whichever one you opt for, your Mykonos Panormos Luxury Villa in Mykonos; is bound to live up to -if not exceed- your expectations, with its cycladic minimalist design; state of the art amenities and vast array of personalised services, designed to spoil you rotten: Whether you’re looking for an expert concierge to arrange everything for you; a fabulous candlelight private dinner at your villa or room service late at night to satisfy that sudden craving, you’ll soon find out that your wish is indeed our command. In fact this is what makes a world of difference. For, much more than your classic Luxury Villa in Mykonos, the Mykonos Panormos Villa Collection, is a unique hybrid that blends the exclusivity of a sequestered holiday home with the cosmopolitan sociability and round the clock, tailored service of a fully fledged resort.


Simply put this means having the best of the two worlds!


So why don’t you capitalize on the advantageous seasonal rates and book a spring holiday at Mykonos Panormos Villas? Yourself, your loved ones-and that’s not to mention your wallet- will be thanking you, for sure!