Christmas came and went, and we’ve kicked off 2018 in real style! A new year means a new beginning and at Mykonos Panormos Villas we can’t wait for another great season to start! In fact just thinking about our glorious island and its manifold wonders, puts a huge grin on our faces.


Yet If you live in Northern Europe or parts of the States, it is quite likely that at this time of the year you feel stuck in the depths of a miserable wet, cold and dark winter. In that case, follow our bulletproof remedy for beating the seasonal blues- which is no other than start planning your next holidays in the island of the winds!

To whet your appetite a little further, we‘ve compiled a list of reasons why you should rent a villa in Mykonos in the upcoming season. Read on-we bet it’ll cheer you up!


The most magical season of the year has come! With Christmas and New Year’s festivities fast approaching, it is also high time to think about your New Year’s resolutions. If love is in the air and your plans for 2018 include commiting to your beau -or belle; then you might as well do it in true style.


And when it comes to style, surely no one does it better than the Mediterranean’s hottest holiday destination: With its pristine beauty, whitewashed architecture, spectacular beaches, breathtaking sunsets and-perhaps above all- unique mix of cosmopolitanism and allure, the island of the winds constitutes the perfect backdrop against which to celebrate your love. Actually weddings in Mykonos can be the most splendid, gloriously romantic events of all times. So why shouldn’t your wedding too become forever indelible from the hearts and minds of guests and protagonists alike?


At Mykonos Panormos Villas, we truly love helping you start this new chapter in your life in the most exciting manner! This is why we are committed to organising and hosting the most spellbinding, fairy tale-like weddings in Mykonos.


To this end we employ our privileged location just 250 meters from beautiful, long and sandy Panormos bay– home to the island’s bohemian-chic, laid back crowd; our expertise, passion and zest (romantic souls that we are!); and our resort’s unique nature: Much more than your typical luxurious Mykonian accommodation, Mykonos Panormos Villas, is a singular amalgam blending the exclusivity and privacy of a sequestered holiday home with the cosmopolitan sociability and round the clock, tailored service of a fully fledged resort. Imagine a home away from home-only better!


So whether you’re thinking of an elopement- style, romantic, strictly for two union; a closed ceremony with a couple of your closest friends; a crazy, all night party or even a fully fledged, glamorous, society affair, we are here to make your wish come true.


After all at Mykonos Panormos Villas, we are all about spoiling you rotten. Sparing no effort nor attention to detail, we closely collaborate with a team of seasoned professionals-including our acclaimed onsite chef-and a variety of selected wedding planners to ensure that yours shall be amongst the most bedazzling weddings in Mykonos; guaranteed to rekindle indulgent memories in the years to come.


In point of fact, we may accommodate from a small private event to a grander, 160 guest, reception– and everything in between! What’s more due to their size and architecture, our villas, are ideal for housing your guests too; as well as hosting a variety of pre and post wedding cocktails, brunches and parties. And there is always Principote, one of Mykonos’ chicest beach club-restaurants, just 250 meters away, for some extra entertainment! After all you only marry once (theoretically at least!) so you might as well do it right!


So for the most special occasion of your life, whether you’re the sociable or a more reserved, quiet type, just choose amongst our opulent collection; from the expansive 7 bedroomAnassa” that sleeps 15,  to the cozier 1 bedroom retreats with a private pool, the villa that suits your style and mood the most; and then sit back, leave everything to us, and start enjoying!


Having hosted some of the most astounding, legendary parties and memorable weddings in Mykonos, you may simply be certain that yours, shall indeed be the wedding of your dreams.


Our tailor made weddings in Mykonos


Real zeal, hard work, a fertile imagination and boundless inspiration, are the secrets of our success. But what makes a world of difference is the level of personalization we are proffering. Bottom line is that we believe that your wedding deserves to be as special as you are! So we shall carefully listen your ideas, imperatives and desires; blend the latest international trends on food, drink, music and decor with the island’s distinct character and soul; and then meticulously organize everything for you. Even the boring bits: From location scouting and venue selection or ceremony paperwork, concept design and development, menu, floral arrangements, decor, furniture, tableware and stage setting, gifts and party favors, special requests, including lighting, and smoke, music and entertainment selection and coordination to the smallest (but equally fundamental) details like a befitting beauty treatment, or a special cake design, you -and your loved one-need not worry about anything.


Just bask in our warm hospitality and unsurpassed level of service; and rest assured that yours shall be one of these weddings in Mykonos, that writes history!

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash


Rivalling Saint Tropez, Ibiza and even St Barths, Mykonos is the quintessential holiday diva of the Mediterranean. This is no idle claim-we’ve got recent statistics to back it up: The summer 2017 season showed a marked 30 percent increase in general aviation flights, whilst there has been an equally significant rise in cruise ship arrivals. In fact Mykonos airport shall be closing between November 13 and 29, for construction work, in line with its management company’s, Fraport Greece, aim to turn it into a “world-class airport worthy of the destination’s global reputation”.


Following its scheduled revamp the airport will be able to facilitate increased air traffic, as more and more domestic and international flights are being introduced to Mykonos; Qatar Airlines announcing the inclusion of the island of the winds in its 2017/18 destinations, is but one example.


This is certainly exciting news for all Mykonos aficionados; and if you are yet to witness first hand the glitzy, glamorous 24 hour bonanza that this island is, now is your chance to do it, as access shall be easier than ever! (more…)

Summer 2017 had it all: Loads of adventure and fun under the sun, great escapades and amazing discoveries, lazy, quiet days alternating with intense action and sport, relaxation, pampering and rejuvenation of the body and mind, pleasures of the palate with delectable food and drink, ample socialising and flirting, and some, cinematic, whirlwind romances… As we are about to say goodbye to this all, we get kind of emotional and start reminiscing. In fact there is so much that we will dearly miss. So farewell Summer! Highlights from the 2017 Season at Mykonos Panormos Villas, did include some really unforgettable moments, we will forever cherish:


Truly stylish Weddings in Mykonos


Sure, Mykonos is the quintessential party animals’ sanctuary. But who says that romance can’t be fun? With some of the world’s most astonishing beaches, picturesque, whitewashed villages and pristine beauty, as well as wealth of gourmet, candle lit restaurants, atmospheric bars and luxurious accommodation options, the island of the winds, certainly constitutes the perfect backdrop against which to celebrate the most romantic occasion of your lives.


Yes, we are talking about your big day; For weddings in Mykonos can be the most splendid, gloriously romantic events which will remain forever indelible from the hearts and minds of guests and protagonists alike.


Beautiful sandy beaches with ample opportunities for sport and play, great food for every taste, fantastic shopping, world class services, abundant entertainment and rich cultural life. Plus a vibrant, cordial atmosphere and the friendliest, most welcoming locals. Does this sound like an ideal family destination? We bet it does! Despite its reputation as the quintessential party island of the Mediterranean, Mykonos is so much more than that. In fact if you’re the fun oriented, happy go lucky, open minded type, some super relaxing Mykonos family holidays shall do a world of good for you and your loved ones. Just imagine basking in the Aegean’s striking light; going on a tubes, banana or jet ski ride with your kids; perhaps a spot of sailing or an excursion to ancient Delos with the family; and then eating in some great eateries and strolling in the whitewashed, labyrinth streets of Chora, while being pampered all the way, with little or no worries on your mind. Mykonos is after all the Mecca of 5 star services, which of course includes babysitting and childcare at your disposal 24/7, should you wish to steal some intimate, romantic moments with your beau or belle!



Mykonos is liberal, magnanimous and open minded. In fact it has been so ever since the 1960’s. This is why Hollywood stars, royalty, celebrities, tycoons and A listers -even the famously reclusive, “sad” princess Soraya- come here to get lost ιn the maze like streets; to flirt, drink and socialize unperturbed; to party like there is no tomorrow ; to “feel free” again, in other words.


For anything that happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos; and it is its distinctively bohemian, daring character that acts as a magnet to everyone who’s up for a good time.


It is only logical then, that one of the biggest, feel good, clubbing events οn the planet takes place in Mykonos. (more…)

Mykonos is world famous for its gutsy winds and its equally raging party scene. Yet despite its flamboyant nightlife, this island has something for all. In this sun drenched haven, children and families are not only welcomed, but indeed have one hell of a time! For Mykonos, apart from dusk to dawn partying, also offers remarkably beautiful scenery, delicious food, impeccable services and great weather; and that’s not to mention the warm, friendly attitude of the locals towards children. You see, Greeks adore kids and Mykonians are no exception. (more…)

Aristotle Onassis along with Jackie and their pals used to party in Mykonos during the 60’s. Νowadays Arab princes, Russian oligarchs, Hollywood stars, international moguls and glamorous globetrotters follow in their steps. Pursuing optimum enjoyment this elite, champagne sipping, crowd selects only the best for their stay. Among their premier choices deservedly sits Mykonos Panormos Villas:  An acclaimed collection of luxury villas in Mykonos designed for maximum comfort and exclusivity.


Perched above Panormos Bay, a bohemian bourgeois haven of pale, soft sand and turquoise, blue waters, these luxury villas in Mykonos, come in different shapes and sizes to suit different accommodation preferences and needs. From the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa” to the cozier 1 bedroom retreats with a private pool, each villa boasts its own unique character; Some have a family friendly ambiance, some are more suitable for boisterous groups of fun loving friends, while others are ideal for honeymooners and couples in love. (more…)

International designer shops staying open until 2:00 am, chic restaurants with Michelin starred chef, elite nightclubs with formidable bouncers and world class Dj’s, champagne sipping celebrities, European royalty and Hollywood stars, bikini clad girls and boys in swimming trunks partying at midday in hip beach bars.


This is Mykonos: the summer Mecca of this world’s cafe society.


Yet this is but one aspect. The other is of a supercharged, beautiful island with a striking- in its simplicity -architecture, amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, a great culinary tradition, based on locally sourced ingredients and an abundance of positive vibes. After all it’s no coincidence that it is so close to the island of Delos: Artemis and Apollo’s sanctuary, the epicentre of the ancient world. In fact recently Delos has been scientifically shown to vibrate on an exceptionally high energy magnetic field. (more…)