Christmas in Mykonos

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Long and empty stretches of sand; deserted coves; boisterous, rough seas; strong northern winds; green rolling hills and a dramatic interchange of gray clouds and brilliant sunny skies. We bet that this is not what springs to mind when you think about Mykonos. Yet this is how it is in the winter: Still eye catching and alluring; albeit in a manner you’ve probably never expected.


At Mykonos Panormos Villas we do love our island of the winds, no matter the season. In fact during the slow winter months, Mykonos offers a theatrically intense scenery; along with a soothing, tranquil vibe, which makes it ideal for reflection and regrouping. The famous Mykonian hospitality moreover reaches its peak, as locals by now rested and stress free, open their homes and hearts to relatives and friends, new and old alike. This is also the time to honor a host of age old-and quite impressive- customs and traditions. So with Christmas in Mykonos just around the corner, we can’t wait to partake in the seasonal festivities.


The fascinating customs of Christmas in Mykonos


Christmas in Mykonos is a time of devoutness as well as joy. For in this tiny corner of the earth the spiritual blends with some intense merrymaking, in a potent -and for those fortunate enough to spend Christmas in Mykonos– unforgettable mix.


On December 27th, we will be joining locals and the few lucky visitors in the Saint Stefanos church to celebrate the namesake holyman by singing and dancing with gusto and zest. We will listen to the traditional“tsabounes” (bagpipes) and violins, and prance around in the typical- quite fast-Cycladic rhythm. And in real Mykonian fashion, we will go about it till the early hours of the morning.


On New Year’s Day we will enjoy the traditional Christmas carols from Delos and Mykonos sung by children’s and adults’ choirs traipsing the maze like streets of Mykonos town. We then shall feast on the customarymeat roastonion pies and honey pies. We’ll also make sure to eat some lard with greens or cabbage to attract wealth and abundance.


On Epiphany day we’ll admire those brave enough daring to venture into the freezing waters to retrieve the holy cross during the Blessing of the Waters ceremony. Legend has it that the one who succeeds shall be blessed with good luck throughout the New Year!


Later on on the same day we will once more dance to syrtos, balos and balaristos, as folk musicians play the violins, bagpipes and tubas. Hailing from an old Venetian custom, the Balosia held every year on January 6th, signifies the commencement of the nautical period and is fervently celebrated in true Mykonos style.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mykonos Panormos Villas


Indeed, for all of us at Mykonos Panormos Villas Christmas in Mykonos is a truly special, absolutely magical time. Let us raise our wine filled glasses and toast all of our friends, family and guests! Here’s to you! Kala Christougenna and Happy New Year to everyone! We hope to see as many of you as possible and allow us to spoil you rotten once again during 2019!