Discover the Mykonos Panormos Villas Collection and experience the most amazing holidays at your private pool villa in Mykonos

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You’ve been going to Mykonos and having the time of your life for quite some time now. Out of habit so far you’ve been staying at this hotel or the other- which was great and convenient for a while- but somehow, you grew somewhat tired of it.


So why don’t you try something different on your next visit and opt to reside in your own private pool villa in Mykonos?


Imagine basking in the pure luxury and indulgence of your very own little slice of heaven on earth.Think about never having to share the pool -or compete for the best poolside spots- with other noisy guests again. You only have one life after all; you might as well make it a pampered one!


Conveniently situated 5 klm from the main town and just 250 meters from beautiful, Panormos bay– home to the world’s glitzy, glamorous enfant gate- Mykonos Panormos Villas is a one of a kind hybrid resortblending the sociability and comfort of a fully serviced, 5* hotel with the exclusivity and seclusion of a private pool villa in Mykonos.


Choice is vast and varied at the Mykonos Panormos Villas Collection, catering for a variety of party sizes and accommodation needs. Read on to find the right match for yours and start planning the holiday of your dreams!


Anassa 7 bedroom private pool villa in MykonosState of the art luxury meets Cycladic charm at this privileged retreat designed for optimum comfort and relaxation. An ideal choice if you are planning to come to Mykonos with the whole gang. Kids will have the time of their lives splashing and playing around at the private pool; while adults may sip exotic cocktails lovingly concocted by the expert villa staff.


4 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: Just check the view from the pool. Need we say more? Your family, group or party guests will never forget this spectacular island escape. Equipped with the latest amenities, it boasts an organic design that showcases the stunning sea views. Enjoy sundowners by the pool or prepare a delicious BBQ meal with fresh fish (or meat). Oh the bliss of the Greek island lifestyle!


3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: Just a short walk from paradisiacal Panormos beach, this gorgeous home away from home allows you to have the best of both worlds. Relax, unwind and recharge your batteries in your own private spacious haven; or just walk 250 meters to the beach and join the party at the celebrities and socialites haunt, Principote de Mykonos: An elite, exclusive venue-in fact one of the top three hottest beach bar restaurants– with amazing Dj’sdesigner shopping and world class chefs.


2 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: Luxurious yet cozy with island style aesthetic, this holiday home shall be the ideal base for your escapades in Mykonos. Start your day with the trademark Mykonos Panormos breakfast buffet -a fantastic place to see and be seen while you sample various delectable delicacies- and then set about exploring the island of the winds: Enjoy its wealth of culture and traditions; savor the trademark, frenzied Mykonian nights; or just relax and catch some rays at the pristine, sandy Panormos beach.


1 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos: Boasting uninterrupted sea views, sleek design and ample lounging space, this cozy albeit opulent hideout may host a most romantic getaway-or the ideal beginning of your shared life together. Enjoy some quality moments strictly for two, perhaps with a candlelit dinnerprepared by our acclaimed in house chef. Just like the larger villas, these sumptuous 1 bedroom hideouts have access to 24hr concierge service, 24hr driving services, room service and endless tailor made options. So just let us spoil you!