Enjoy the magic of XLSIOR Festival at Mykonos Panormos Villas

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Mykonos is liberal, magnanimous and open minded. In fact it has been so ever since the 1960’s. This is why Hollywood stars, royalty, celebrities, tycoons and A listers -even the famously reclusive, “sad” princess Soraya- come here to get lost ιn the maze like streets; to flirt, drink and socialize unperturbed; to party like there is no tomorrow ; to “feel free” again, in other words.

For anything that happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos; and it is its distinctively bohemian, daring character that acts as a magnet to everyone who’s up for a good time.

It is only logical then, that one of the biggest, feel good, clubbing events οn the planet takes place in Mykonos.

Every year over 30,000 people from all over the globe, bounded by love and the universal language of music, flock to the island of winds for eight glorious days full of fun, sun, luxury, glamour, festivities and a measure of abandon. This is what XLSIOR, one of the most exclusive international Gay Festivals in the world, is all about: Old friends, new friends and loved ones; Astonishing music, breathtaking venues, an amazing international Dj line up, the hottest crowd, some of the world’s best artists, loads of beautiful faces and the hugest smiles; In effect a complete holiday experience that will blow your mind.

The XLSIOR Festival is held during the summer peak season, this year between the 23th to the 30th of August, so if you want to partake in all this bacchanalian extravaganza make sure you plan on time.

Bear in mind that the XLSIOR party schedule is pretty intense, so it’s a good idea to set aside a few days to get yourself settled and then have sufficient time to relax before heading back home to reality. The town of Mykonos has definitely got enough to keep you busy, but this might be somewhat overwhelming. So you might want to consider choosing some lodgings which are close to the action, yet safely removed from the whole buzz and hubbub. You’ll definitely want to keep up your strength, after all!

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Mykonos Panormos Villas: An ideal hideout during your XLSIOR festival escapades

Just 5 km away -and a few minutes drive from Chora, perched above Panormos Bay, a boho chic haven of pale, soft sand and turquoise, blue waters, Mykonos Panormos Villas is an acclaimed collection of luxury villas designed for maximum comfort and exclusivity.

What’s more they come in different shapes and sizes to suit different preferences, party compositions and accommodation needs. Some are ideal for boisterous groups of fun loving friends, while others are just the thing for couples in love (or lust!). Between the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa” and the cozier 1 bedroom retreats with a private pool, you’ll certainly be able to find the villa of your dreams. While each one boasts its own unique character, all are beautifully appointed featuring an amalgam of Cycladic minimalism, contemporary elegance and state of the art conveniences -and of course, unobstructed views over the island’s amazing landscape.They furthermore come with their very own swimming pools while offering a wide range of exclusive, premium services intended to spoil you rotten. Expect no less than daily maid cleaning service, your private chef who-at your request- will prepare a fabulous candlelit dinner at your villa, your own butler and concierge to take care of everything for you. You don’t even need to worry about driving to and fro all the parties as your driver will be available 24/7 at your call. And if you get back hungry the good news is that you may select the delicacy of your liking from the extensive room service menu and get it delivered to your villa until late at night. Yet in case you do indulge in some post midnight binging, don’t fret about your figure! You may always opt for a spot of yoga with some of the world’s best trainers and choose from an array of luxurious therapies and massages for total post party recovery and rejuvenation.

With their stunning interiors, thoughtful services mix and friendly, cosy ambiance, Mykonos Panormos Villas, shall be the perfect hideout for your escapades during the XLSIOR festival. Make sure to not miss out!