Fun Facts about Mykonos: a list by MPV luxury resort in Mykonos

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OK, so you’ve heard about the gold and blue beaches; the misbehaving celebrities and the paparazzi; the whitewashed iconic beauty; the non stop partying; the good life; the happy go lucky-all permeating vibe. Undoubtedly intrigued and inspired, you’ve done your homework; and you have-quite justly-chosen to stay at Mykonos Panormos Villas: A premium luxury resort in Mykonos; which stands out for its ambiance, services and aesthetic; its wealth of accomodation options; as well as it advantageous location, 5 klm from the main town and just 250 meters from the stunning hideout of the world’s most glamorous beau mondePanormos bay.


Yet did you know- for example- that Mykonos’ greatest star is none other than a funny looking, chubby bird with a long beak and a squeaky voice? Indeed Petros the Pelican, throughout his long and prolific career, has been petted and cajoled by Hollywood stars and royalty; and has even gone to New York for PR purposes! Or were you aware that the island of the winds hosts-not one but two- of the most famous clubs on the planet?


Fun facts and trivia such as that will provide you with some -rather entertaining-insider’s knowledge. Which will certainly come handy during your upcoming holidays at the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos: You may use, i.e., it to impress your friends, your family, or your hot date. After all, boasting a highly personalized approach to hospitality; at the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos, we strive to make your wishes come true; before you even realize that you actually have them. This list is but an example! Read on for laughs and more, before or whilst enjoying some carefree, uber-indulgent days at the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos!


Little Venice was a pirate’s den


This super idyllic, most photogenic spot in town, sporting rows of colorful captain houses with balconies literally suspended above the sea; is nowadays home to some of the hottest bars in Mykonos. Yet back in the 17th century; when pirates used to be the absolute masters and commanders of the seas; Little Venice was one of their favorite hangouts. They sung until their throats protested and drunk until they dropped. This “legacy” of course is alive and kicking these days, as Little Venice is unfalteringly frequented by merrymaking globetrotters, sipping cocktails from dusk to dawn.


Paint it…red


Or blue or green. Traditionally all doors and windows in the Cyclades were painted in vivid colors. Honoring the local vernacular architecture, nowadays Mykonian houses and villas still have bright multi-colored openings. In fact Chora’s characteristic image with the whitewashed cube houses and the blue, red and green doors, is amongst the most famous in the planet.


Mythical origin


Greek mythology stipulates that Mykonos was named after its first ruler Mykons – who was himself no less than the son of god Apollo. Mykonos is also said to be the sight of the battle between Zeus and the Titans.As the story goes Hercules who fought on the side of his father, succeeded in defeating the local Giants and then imprisoned them under the Mykonian rocky terrain.Purportedly they still remain buried there, at Houlakia Bay: A beautiful, pebbly beach, 15 minutes by car from the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos.


From rags to riches


Granted nowadays Mykonos is arguably the most covetedelite destination in the Mediterranean. Yet until the 1950’s- or so- it used to be a poverty stricken and rather barren; howbeit beautiful, island. Until it was discovered by the artists and bohemians of the era; then the royalty, the mega tycoons and the superstars. Fast forward to 2018: There are several, very much distinct and opulent establishments throughout the island catering for its plush, upmarket clientele. Yet should you wish to socialize with the true glitterati, your best bet is Principote de Mykonos: This is a super exclusive beach barrestaurant and boutique; in fact the stomping ground of the island’s coolest, hippest bon vivants; just 250 meters away from the MPV luxury resort in Mykonos. You might as well join the party, which is right at your doorstep!


Mykonos in numbers


There are 15,000 permanent residents on the island in the winter. 4,000 of them are foreigners. In the summer though, Mykonos hosts over 50,000 people in 1 day.


Mykonos celebrates over 70 country fairs. 38 take place in the summer, from June till September.
There are 4 nudist beaches, 31 taxis, over 800 churches-80 of them alone in Chora- and more than 100 bars on the island. Get ready to explore!