Mykonos Beach Bars and Restaurants News

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Latest News from the Beach Bars and Restaurants of Mykonos! Summer 2015!

Nammos Restaurant by the Sea


Nammos Restaurant by the Sea is the hottest beach destination in Greece and one of the Meditteraneans top choices. This summer’s line up’s will definitely peak partygoers interest’s.  Though the 2015 line up is not out yet, Nammos always features an array of great performances that never dissapoint!  You can expect the 2015 event dates to follow very closely those from 2014.  The 2014 events went as follows:

On July 4th Nammos turns into Anjelique for one night only. The Anjelique Event features gourmet cuisine and an Istanbul inspired party theme! The kick off is at 10:30pm. DJ Vassilis Tsilichristos (a constant in Mykonos night life for more than a decade) will be at Nammos for an ultra exclusive beach party beginning late afternoon on July 26th. The warm up set starts off with Alceen & Consul Trainin with live MC by GP Grand. Latin musical legend Julio Iglesias and acclaimed Greek singer Antonis Remos will be at Nammos on July 30th. That’s a performance you really don’t want to miss out on. Both of these men have extraordinary voices and coupled together this will definitely be a night you wont forget! Amr Diab, an Egyptian composer of pop music and popstar in his own right, will give a performance at Nammos on the 9th of August for the second consecutive year. He was such a big hit last summer Nammos had to invite him back for round two!

Solymar Beach Bar & Restaurant


Solymar Beach Bar & Restaurant boasts it’s own fantastic musical line up this summer. Alexandros Christopoulos, acclaimed Greek DJ, will headline one of the biggest beach parties in Mykonos for the ninth year in a row. Get to Solymar a little before 7pm to kick off a party that will last from dusk till dawn! Greek pop singer George Sampanis will perform at Solymar on Sunday the 8th of June starting at 7 pm. On the 28thof June you can enjoy the skills of DJ’s Kenny Carpenter and Pascal Hollydeep. DJ legend Hector Romero and Akylla join the party on July 20th. One of Mykonos’s favorites David Morales will be at Solymar on the 2nd of August. Enjoy house music mixed with the sounds of soul on August 16th by producer and DJ Timmy Regisford.

Ftelia Restaurant and Alemagou


Two must-visit new and improved beach bar restaurants on Ftelia Beach are Alemagou Restaurant and Ftelia Restaurant, which is appropriately owned by a couple of laid back wind and kite surfers. Ftelia beach is known for its water sports as it typically gets the perfect amount of wind for kite and wind surfing.

Alemagou is located right on the beach and brings together elements of the sea with an organically inspired décor setting the trend for this new age taverna. The menu takes well-loved traditional Greek recipes and just like the environment, interprets them with a modern twist. Ftelia Restaurant is perched a little above the beach and you can enjoy sweeping views of the sea and appreciate the quirky chilled-out ambience the staff and owners help create. The kitchen serves up island favorites, fresh salads and seafood inspired by Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. The mandatory dress code is beachwear casual!


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