Partake in an exclusive, life altering experience at our Mykonos Detox Luxury Retreat

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International designer shops staying open until 2:00 am, chic restaurants with Michelin starred chef, elite nightclubs with formidable bouncers and world class Dj’s, champagne sipping celebrities, European royalty and Hollywood stars, bikini clad girls and boys in swimming trunks partying at midday in hip beach bars.


This is Mykonos: the summer Mecca of this world’s cafe society.


Yet this is but one aspect. The other is of a supercharged, beautiful island with a striking- in its simplicity -architecture, amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, a great culinary tradition, based on locally sourced ingredients and an abundance of positive vibes. After all it’s no coincidence that it is so close to the island of Delos: Artemis and Apollo’s sanctuary, the epicentre of the ancient world. In fact recently Delos has been scientifically shown to vibrate on an exceptionally high energy magnetic field.

Get happy and healthy at our Mykonos Detox Luxury Retreat

This is the facet that inspired us to create at Mykonos Panormos Villas our Mykonos Luxury detox retreat: A new and exclusive, holistic retreat on this magical, whitewashed island that invites you to embark on a journey of mindfulness, relaxation and healing, under the guidance and support of a select team of seasoned therapists specializing in a comprehensive variety of methods of alternative and holistic medicine.




Fast paced and stressful as they are, our daily lives, unfortunately bring about all sorts of psychosomatic ailments, including poor sleep, chronic fatigue,skin issues, panic attacks- depression even- weight loss and digestive problems and various bodily pains.


Our Mykonos Luxury detox retreat aims to provide you with a unique experience, specifically tailored to your individual needs, that will help you heal, detox and learn how to better look after yourself.


Upon careful consideration of your personal questionnaire and interview answers, we shall design a customized eight day program with case specific goals, suitable treatments, and tailor made menus prepared by our internationally acclaimed chef with the highest quality, organic ingredients. Should you be interested, there is even a vegetable juice detox fasting option!


Every day will begin with an early morning yoga session, followed by breakfast and then the first treatment of the day. According to your individual needs, these may include acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Thai-yoga, sports or Swedish massage or facial rejuvance. Lunch will be followed by free time, while in the afternoons there will be a Breath Walking session or a Sunset Meditation, followed by the second treatment of the day. On the final day of the retreat, we will take you on a full day field-trip to the sacred island of Delos (short boat-ride from Mykonos), where you will enjoy a four-hour guided tour at the Ancient Greek ruins. A picnic will be provided and there will also be a meditation session.


The detox retreat will be hosted at the stunning Mykonos Panormos Luxurious Villas, just a short distance from Mykonos town and a mere 350 meters from the sandy beach of Panormos. Amidst this unique and exuberant setting there are four available accommodation options to choose from (One Bedroom Private Pool VillaTwo Bedroom Private Pool VillaThree Bedroom Private Pool Villa or Four Bedroom Private Pool Villa).


All villas blend cyclades chic with state of the art conveniences and amenities, while offering amazing sea vistas and their private covered terraces along with private pools. You’ll be moreover happy to know that pets are welcomed, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your loving companion behind!


Our Mykonos luxury detox retreat will take place between April 30, 2017 and May 7, 2017 (with an optional extension till 9 May) while there will be another session in the autumn, from October 1, 2017 to October 8, 2017 (with an optional extension till 10 October).


Book now to experience a change of pace and culture, rejuvenate your body, explore your soul and meet new like-minded friends, while enjoying a remarkable eight day holiday in one of the most luxurious villas on the magnificent island of Mykonos.


Detox Coordinator

Name: Alexandra


Mobile:  +30 695 1082223