Romance is in the air

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Red roses, jewellery, heart shaped chocolates and the cutest teddy bears. Spicy lingerie, candlelit dinnersand cards bearing “I love you’s” (or other more ingenious declarations of affection) .

On February 14th, lovers (actual and aspiring) around the world, take the opportunity to express their love and undying devotion in in all sorts of -often- imaginative and resourceful, ways.


But why this day? How did February 14th   become a contemporary feast of love?

The prevalent version nowadays favors the story of St. Valentine -the day is named in his honour after all. Valentine was a Roman priest, in fact the patron of epileptics. He and St Mario continued to marry Christian couples, in defiance of Claudius Gothicus’s decree. The cruel Emperor was having a hard time drafting soldiers for his military campaigns. He attributed this to men being reluctant to leave their loved ones and their families behind to go to war, so he banned marriage. The two priests were arrested, tortured and killed for their actions. While Mario has been more or less relegated to oblivion, Valentine is lavishly celebrated every year on February 14th, which is allegedly the day of his death.

A short historical overview however demonstrates that this celebration is a remnant of ancient pagan customs.  Centuries before Christ, the Romans on the same dates (13th-15th February) held a pagan sensual feast in honour of Luperkus, Wolf Hunter, that is. During the so called “Lupercalia” it was customary to exchange gifts between loved ones.  Yet much more than this, through a series of rites and ceremonies, the celebrations often culminated into fully blown orgies!

This tradition was brought to England via the Romans. It was eventually banished when Christianity became the prevalent state religion, only to be replaced by the celebration of  St. Valentine’s Day.  This feast hence in effect hails from an age-old Pagan custom which has received a Christian “make over” and “modern” ways of expression!

There is also an alternative explanation as to why this day has come to be regarded as the most romanticof the year, based on the ancient belief that birds begin to mate specifically on February 14th.


Whether you choose the pagan, Christian or naturalistic version, one thing is for certain: Romance is in the air.

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