Springtime in a Luxury Villa in Mykonos

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Just close your eyes and imagine: Crystal clear blue waters and golden sandy beaches; a glorious sunshine and a fresh sea breeze; a transparent cerulean sky; unceasing motion, lights, celebrities and paparazzi;  age old quaint settlements in blue and white; happy go lucky vibes; designer shopping; haute gastronomie and some of the world’s most unforgettable parties.


We could go on and on, for it is actually quite difficult to put Mykonos into words; Yet pure delight-in all shapes and forms-is the short phrase that best captures its quintessence. Indeed the island of the winds is an experience to be savored at least once in a lifetime, and mid-spring is one of the best times to visit, as you’ll get to avoid the hoi polloi and instead receive the 5 star treatment that you most certainly deserve!


Read on why you should opt for a holiday break in a Luxury Villa in Mykonos, in spring.


Magical landscape


Nature is in full bloom, covering the island in a blanket of green dotted by red, yellow and purple, fragrant wildflowers. This is an image of Mykonos few- albeit very lucky-visitors get to see. Why not be one of them?


Perfect weather


In late April and May temperatures range from the high 60s to the mid 70s. The water is most likely to be cold for a swim (unless you’re the daring, adventurous type!), yet you’ll be able to work on your suntan with ease; while it shall be warm enough-but not scorching- for long, delightful walks on the beach and amidst the cobblestone streets of Chora. Plus the tourist hordes will be absent, so you’ll get to enjoy the postcard perfect scenery without the hustle and bustle.


Exclusive treatment


Mykonos’ beaches are world famous not without reason: Whether sandy or pebbled, all feature an amazing, striking landscape and the clearest, blue waters. Plus they have nowadays become the place to be: Especially the ones equipped with world class establishments, with 5 star services and opulent sunbeds, have even supplanted Chora’s bars and clubs as the preferred stomping ground of the jet setters and the glitterati.


The good thing is that at this time of year Mykonos’ beaches are significantly more quiet than they are during the peak summer months. This means that you’ll get to enjoy their worldwide famous charms sans the annoying, show off, poser types, that tend to creep in later in the season.


Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the island, just 5 klm from the main town, is the long and sandy Panormos cove: A favorite of the international “It” crowd and one of the most ambient, energetically charged sites on the island. In fact Panormos is home to the celebrities and socialites favorite haunt, Principote de Mykonos: An elite, exclusive venue-one of the top three hottest beach bar restaurants– with amazing Dj’senviable shopping options and world class chefs.


Just 250m away from this shrine to Mykonian cosmopolitanism and glamour, you’ll find the equally, ultra chicMykonos Panormos Villas. Among this opulent collection, you’ll be able to identify the Luxury Villa in Mykonos that is most befitting to your tastes and desires. From the intimate 1 bedroom retreats with a private pool to the the expansive 7 bedroom “Anassa” Luxury Villa in Mykonos, the choice is vast and varied, catering for different party sizes, individual preferences and needs. Yet whichever one you opt for, your Mykonos Panormos Luxury Villa in Mykonos; is bound to live up to -if not exceed- your expectations, with its cycladic minimalist design; state of the art amenities and vast array of personalised services, designed to spoil you rotten: Whether you’re looking for an expert concierge to arrange everything for you; a fabulous candlelight private dinner at your villa or room service late at night to satisfy that sudden craving, you’ll soon find out that your wish is indeed our command. In fact this is what makes a world of difference. For, much more than your classic Luxury Villa in Mykonos, the Mykonos Panormos Villa Collection, is a unique hybrid that blends the exclusivity of a sequestered holiday home with the cosmopolitan sociabilityand round the clock, tailored service of a fully fledged resort.


Simply put this means having the best of the two worlds!


So why don’t you capitalize on the advantageous seasonal rates and book a spring holiday at Mykonos Panormos Villas? Yourself, your loved ones-and that’s not to mention your wallet- will be thanking you, for sure!