Start as you mean to go: With a tailor made, dream honeymoon in Mykonos Panormos Villas

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Beautiful, tanned boys and girls in miniscule (designer) clothing, on a “24h champagne diet”, against the blue and white backdrop of the island of the winds. Instagram is on fire every day with posts like this; indeed Mykonos is the undisputed hip party queen of the Mediterranean. Yet with its idyllic beaches, picturesque alleys and whitewashed houses; gorgeous weathermagical vibes, glamour, opulence and world class servicesMykonos is also particularly suited for romance. After all love can happen anytime, anywhere, even in the wildest of parties! If the latter strings a cord; or if you are searching for an extra specialfun and unique place to celebrate the start of your common life together; you need to look no further. Choose to spend your honeymoon in Mykonos; and your are in for an experience bound to be remembered and cherished forever.


What’s more,  the elegant and luxurious Mykonos Panormos Villas at the “it” crowds’  favorite, long and sandy Panormos cove, a few minutes drive from the airport and the city; is just the place for the most unforgettable -and absolutely tailored to your preferences and needs-honeymoon in Mykonos.


The most romantic honeymoon in Mykonos Panormos Villa


The reason is simple: Designed to bring true exclusiveness -and class- to your holidays in the cosmopolitan island of the windsMykonos Panormos Villas, is a unique hybrid  that blends the singularity of a sequestered holiday home with the cosmopolitan sociability and round the clock, personalized services of a 5 star resort. And this is what makes a world of difference. For at MPV you may actually enjoy the best of both worlds, as you and your partner only worry about getting closer together whilst on your honeymoon in Mykonos.


To give you just an idea, one day you may opt to spend several leisurely hours getting pampered and massaged by our expert therapists alongside your beau or bell, next to your glistening private pool. Another, to entrust our seasoned concierge to arrange a romantic cruise for two in ancient Delos and then perhaps to enjoy an ultra atmospheric, candlelit dinner at your villa, artfully concocted by our talented in house chef. And then on the next, to simply walk 250m and find yourselves right in the epicenter of fun at Principote de Mykonos: One of the island’s most elite, exclusive and hottest beach bar restaurants- with amazing Dj’s, enviable shopping options and world class chefs- that is frequented by the beau monde and the glitterati.


After all how you spend your honeymoon in Mykonos should be your business; and at MPV the choices are vast and varied; while no judgement is held.


Same goes for the proffered accommodation options. Though most couples would go for the intimate 1 bedroom retreats with a private pool; others might actually prefer the expansive 7 bedroom Anassa. After all this island is renowned for its unconventional, daring spirit; and it is quite possible that some might be looking for a somewhat “alternative”, more sociable and boisterous celebration, which also includes their friends! Just contact us and let us co-design your dream honeymoon in Mykonos Panormos Villas.