You’re probably already aware that the Greeks are very warm and sociable people, who like nothing better than to get together with family and friends for a celebration. Despite all the changes that modern Greece has gone through, the most important celebration every year throughout Greece remains a religious festival, and the most significant Christian festival at that – we’re talking of course about the Greek Orthodox Easter!


The Greek Orthodox Church

The state religion of Greece is Greek Orthodox, part of the wider Eastern Orthodox Church. It is a Christian religion, taking its inspiration from the Bible and practicing a faith spread by the Apostles of Jesus. In some ways it is very similar to the Roman Catholic Church, although the Eastern Orthodox Church does not have a Pope figure as the absolute head of the church. The Greek Orthodox Church still plays an important role throughout society Greek society. 98% of the Greek population is Greek orthodox, and priests are a regular presence in daily life, and still bless tavernas, cafes and offices in a special ceremony. Visiting Greece or her islands you’ll see evidence of the Greek Orthodox Church with your very own eyes. There are countless churches and chapels of all kinds of sizes and shapes – with over 500 on our little island paradise of Mykonos alone!