With its great location right in the midst of the cluster of the Cyclades islands, Mykonos is a fantastic destination from which to plan daily trips and excursions to unearth some of the hidden gems that these wonderful islands have to offer. One particular treat is to take a day trip from Mykonos to the fabulous island of Tinos.


Tinos Island

Tinos is just over double the size of Mykonos, to the north west of the island. If you take a trip over from our sea view luxury villas in Panormos Bay to the Armenistis lighthouse in Fanari on Mykonos’ north west coast you can actually admire an amazing view of Tinos as you gaze out over the Aegean sea! Tinos is home to over 8,500 people, and is a very important pilgrimage site for visitors from all over Greece, as well as being home to numerous historical and archeological sites, beautiful villages and countryside. The island has also been known by the names ‘Ophiousa’ (from the Greek word ‘ophis’ meaning snake) and ‘Hydrousa’ (from ‘hydor’ which means water). These historical names were due to the large number of snakes on Tinos, and the abundance of running water on the island. (more…)