Mykonos is notorious for its party scene, but it also has some of the best beaches in the Aegean (if not the world!), with long stretches of golden sand to play at or tiny coves to discover; and that’s not to mention stylish resorts, great food, top notch services, an iconic, celebrated Chora, as well as an enchanting historical and cultural legacy. While you might have thought otherwise, here is why family holidays in Mykonos is in fact an excellent idea.



1. Spend some carefree days on world class beaches


Mykonos has more than 30 beaches so there’s plenty of choice. Elia, Ornos and Agrari Beaches are among the many family-friendly stretches of sand, popular with locals as well as visitors, in which you’ll get to spend the day immersed in the transparent turquoise waters, paddling, snorkelling or trundling around on a pedalo. Yet if you are looking for the best of both worlds, head to long and sandy Panormos bay:  Boasting shallow waters it is safe for toddlers to potter about; but it is moreover the stomping ground of those in the know. In fact the on site Principote de Mykonos is an uber hot, super elite beach bar, restaurant and boutique; frequented by socialites, trend setters and A-listers. So you might as well sit back and enjoy the renowned Mykonos scene -at its most glorious!- while your kids play safely in the distance. What’s more, just 250 meters away there is Mykonos Panormos Villas: An ideal option for luxurious family holidays in Mykonos, as it blends the privacy of a an opulent holiday home with the round the clock service and sociability of a fully fledged, 5* resort. Again, a win win situation!



2. Engage in leisurely bonding with the family


Mykonos Panormos Villas offers outstanding accommodation for different family sizes and types-from the nuclear to the extended. From the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa”, to the four, three and two bedroom retreats with private pools, all villas are lavishly appointed, blending Cycladic chic with the latest amenities, while offering ample indoor and outdoor living and dining space, comfy sun loungers and BBQ’s, should you wish to eat with the family al fresco, or even do some entertaining with friends. Perfectly suited for family holidays in Mykonos, your villa of choice shall feel like a home away from home-only better! The reason is none other than high level of personalized and specifically tailored services proffered at Mykonos Panormos Villas. Whether it’s an in house massage, an on call driver or a private chef to prepare a fabulous candlelit meal in your villa, you‘ll soon find that your wish is indeed their command. Bear in mind that child care is also an option, if you feel like wandering around a bit on your own – you’ll be in Mykonos after all! And there is also the breakfast buffet in the mornings, which all the kids and adults adore-both for its sumptuous offerings and opportunities for socialization with like minded individuals!



3. Enjoy the great outdoors


Speaking of pampering for you and your children, the MPV’ s concierge undertakes to organise everything you need for the most memorable family holidays in Mykonos. From a princely pic nic basket for the beach; to a private sailing trip; a kayaking excursion; horseback riding on the seafront; a cycling tour through the countryside; or even traditional cooking lessons. Options are numerous, and choice might seem daunting, especially if time is limited. Don’t fret however. The MPV’s expert staff shall identify which activities suit your family the most and then, with a keen eye on detail, put plans in to order.



4. Get lost in Mykonos Town


Celebrated by the likes of Le Corbusier, Jackie’ O and Princess Soraya; whitewashed, unfalteringly pristine Mykonos town is not a place to be rushed but instead to be unhurriedly savored. Get lost in its labyrinth, bouganvillia clad alleyways; stop at the Archaeological Museum, where you can admire jewellery, figurines, funerary statues, and pottery, which date back thousands of years. If your kids are interested in ships, do take them to the Aegean Maritime Museum, where a wide range of nautical instruments and ancient vessels are exhibited. Pop into the shops for designer wear or funky souvenirs; get photographed next to the island’s mascot Peter the Pelican; gaze at the seafront colorful rows of houses at Little Venice, sit down at one of its many restaurants, bars and cafes, eat and drink like a king and queen, while basking in your surroundings. You’re bound to love it -and your kids too!



5. Visit Ancient Delos


No family holidays in Mykonos would be complete without a trip to neighboring Delos: The mythological birthplace of the twins of Zeus and Leto, Apollo and Artemis, was the most important religious, cultural and commercial center of antiquity. Nowadays it’s remarkably well preserved ruins stand as testaments of its glorious past. Wonder through the historical site, admire the ancient theatre from the 3rd century BC, the Terrace of the Lions and the exhibits at Delos Museum like the Torso of a Kouros dating from the middle of the 6th century BC; the Marble statue of Boreas; and the Bronze mask of Dionysos, from the 2nd century BC. You are bound to feel history coming alive; and it is the kind of immersive, educational experience your offspring shall be thanking you about. A few miles from the cosmopolitan shores of Mykonos, Delos is easily accessible by boat-whilst MPV’s concierge may arrange everything for you.

Since the “discovery” of Mykonos- with its magnificent blue and gold beaches, hospitable, authentic people and iconic, whitewashed town- by the jet setters of the 60’s, the Greek island has emerged as a preferred holiday haven for clubbers, bon vivants and gourmands; beach bums, yachtsmen, surfers and water sports aficionados; couples, families and groups of friends with a distinctly epicurean frame of mind.


Invite your loved ones and enjoy world class beach bars, fine dining and phenomenal sunsets, while basking in the hospitality of Mykonos Panormos expert staff manning your stylish 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos.


Bask in the hospitality of a unique 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos

Perched above scenic, serene and sandy Panormos, the “it” crowds’ favorite beach, a mere minutes drive from the airport and the city; this 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos, is an elegant, yet cozy, beachside retreat offering breathtaking sea views along with the trademark Mykonos Panormos Villas hospitality. Blending Cycladic architecture with the latest luxury amenities and conveniences, it is a dream home away from home, with plenty of tricks up its sleeves: A traditional barbecue, state-of-the-art kitchen and satellite TV in its chic, roomy living room, among others. What’s more with its spacious sun deck and canopied poolside party and dining area, this 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos makes an idyllic venue for an intimate wedding or any other special event.


After all we do aim to please. So whether you are looking for a fabulous candlelit dinner concocted by our in house chef, an uber relaxing massage or a trustworthy baby sitter, we’ve got you covered. And while it is tempting to just stay tucked in your 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos, while getting the royal treatment; bear in mind that just 250 meters away you’ll find the celebrities and socialites favorite playground, Principote de Mykonos: An elite, exclusive venue-in fact one of the three hottest beach bar restaurants in the island – with amazing Dj’s, designer shopping and world class chefs. Head there for the party; or if you’re looking to socialize in a more relaxed, low key manner join our breakfast buffet in the mornings, which is always a great place to see and to be seen. Actually this is what makes a world of difference at Mykonos Panormos Villas: Designed for pure indulgence, it is a unique hybrid that blends the exclusivity of a sequestered holiday home with the cosmopolitan sociability and round the clock, personalized services of a 5 star resort.


We all need a little pampering sometimes no matter what. It’s an investment that’ll benefit our future selves. Besides, nobody ever says no to a repose as reward for toiling work. As they say, work hard, play harder. And what better place to play rather than at your luxurious, 3 bedroom private pool villa in Mykonos, from the Mykonos Panormos Collection?