Mykonos has been a legendary party paradise since the ‘60’s. With its wealth of glamorous bars and clubs and world class restaurants, no wonder it attracts an international crowd of jetsetters and hedonistic pleasure seekers. Yet this unique, white washed idyllic island, has so much more to offer than its buzz and hubbub. Its postcard perfect scenery is only matched by its amazing positive vibes. After all it is only a half hour’s boat trip away from Delos: Perhaps the most important religious centre at Hellenistic times, a magical sacred place endowed with super charged energy, which has nowadays been justly deemed a Unesco world heritage site.

So whether an epicurean or more metaphysical in nature and pursuits-perhaps even a bit of both- Mykonos is no doubt your destination of choice. What’s more, with its glorious weather and magical light, it is especially beautiful in spring time. So why don’t you rent a villa in Mykonos and experience an unforgettable, spring holiday break? (more…)

We understand the importance of mental and physical well-being as much as anyone. Finding a luxurious little spot of paradise where you can get away from it all, really feel relaxed and reach inner peace is one of the best things in the world. That’s why we’re really excited to announce the arrival of Yoga Heaven Mykonos at Mykonos Panormos Villas!


Yoga Health Week Breaks in Mykonos

In September, we will be launching special week-long yoga holiday packages at our sea view luxury villas in Panormos bay, Mykonos! We will be providing an expert team of yoga coaches, who use state-of-the-art yoga and pilates courses that promise to get you in the best shape possible. Our skilled international coaches teach yoga lessons in English, Greek and German, and many have a basic knowledge of French, Spanish and Russian too. They take great pride in being able to adapt and tailor their courses and programs to match the individual skill levels of all participants, and can even offer special child yoga classes, allowing the whole family to get involved! The Yoga Heaven Mykonos packages will run in September and October this year, and from April 1st and into May 2017. Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday will be on April 16th in 2017, so you have the unique opportunity to combine a luxury yoga retreat with the amazing experience of an authentic Greek Orthodox Easter in Mykonos!