The 15th of August

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The feast of the Virgin Mary is one of the holiest days on the island of Mykonos. The 15th of August is also one of the most crowded and wild times on the island as everyone flocks to take part in the celebrations of summer and to enjoy the long weekend. Panagia Tourliani (Saint Our Mother of Tourliani) is celebrated on this day and is one of the four most important Saint’s Days in the Cyclades. The Monastery in Ano Mera was founded in 1542 and is open to the public. It is beautifully decorated for the August 15th celebration as is the shrine to Panagia Tourliani. Locals take part in all the pre-celebration activities, preparing the décor of the shrines and making island delicacies. Celebrities, tourists, and Greeks from all over come to Mykonos to celebrate this religious holiday, but don’t be fooled because Mykonos never sleeps. The long weekend of August 15th is an unforgettable experience with parties and events from sunrise to sunset!