Travel in time by visiting Delos Museum and World Heritage Site

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Mykonos, is without doubt the Mecca of contemporary cosmopolitanism. But did you know that a few miles away from its shores, you’ ll find its equivalent in antiquity? So how about hitting pause to the frenzied Mykonian days and nights for a while, to embark on a journey through time at the ancient world’s most sacred- and that’s not to mention most glamorous- destination?

History comes alive at Delos Museum and World Heritage Site

But let’s take things from the beginning: Cyclades form a circle at the epicenter of which lies Delos. A tiny, dry and barren island of 3,4 square km, which paradoxically owes its fame to its very insignificance. As the legend goes, Leto who was carrying the offsprings of her paramour Zeus, in her quest to escape from the wrath of his jealous wife Hera, sought refuge in inconspicuous Delos. This little, desolate island thus became the birthplace of her twins, Apollo and Artemis; and thereafter, a major, cosmopolitan, religious and commercial center in antiquity, attracting pilgrims from all over Greece. At its height Delos boasts some 30.000 inhabitants, but it is eventually condemned into oblivion after several, successive pirate raids around 70 BC. Fast forward in time, following the excavations of the French Archaeological School of Athens, the golden city with the columns and mosaics, statues, ancient theatre, palestrae and once wealthy neighborhoods comes to light again in 1873. Scholars, academics and intellectuals of the time are fascinated.

In 1904 the Archaeological Society at Athens builts Delos Museum, which is subsequently refurbished and enlarged in 1931 and 1972. During the 90’s Delos is recognised by UNESCO as a World heritage site. Today at Delos Museum and archeological site you’ll feel history coming alive as you stroll through the remarkably well preserved ancient arcades, markets, worship centers and temples. You will also admire the theatre district with the ancient theatre from the 3rd century BC and the Terrace of the Lions. Those proud beasts are actually plaster-cast replicas. Their real, marble counterparts are nowadays displayed in Delos museum and were originally offered by the Naxians in the 7th century BC to guard the sacred area. Exhibits at Delos Museum are indeed quite remarkable. Among the most notable are the Torso of a Kouros dating from the middle of the 6th century BC, which was found in the sanctuary of Apollo and is most probably the product of a Parian workshop; the Marble statue of Boreas, personifying the north wind, abducting the Athenian princess Oreithya; and the Bronze mask of Dionysos, most likely a votive offering from the 2nd century BC.

Populated by just 14 employers working at Delos museum and archaeological site, this, steeped in history, tiny island comes in a stark contrast to the buzz and hubbub of neighboring Mykonos. So a mini break from all this frenetic action might prove particularly rejuvenating. Once revived and restored after your welcomed escapade at Delos, you’ll be able to return full force to your base at Mykonos Panormos Villas, at the homonymous Panormos bay, home to the world’s glitzy and glamorous enfant gate, to resume with the parting and overall indulging.

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