Valentine’s Day – A Very Greek Love Story

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February the 14th marks Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love and the opportunity to show that special one in your life just how much they mean to you (if you don’t do that every day anyway!). You probably already know lots about the tradition and history of Valentine’s Day, which takes its name from a Christian Saint who was martyred during the Ancient Roman era (there’s a nice cheery connection to a day celebrating love). February the 14th is the day when Saint Valentine is honoured, which is why it is officially known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. What you probably didn’t know though, is that Valentine’s Day has a strong connection to Greece, and perhaps not in the way you’d think, so read on for more…

Valentine’s Day Traditions in Greece

Greece has not traditionally celebrated Valentine’s Day, as the state religion in Greece is Greek Orthodox. There are two days in the Greek Orthodox calendar that are devoted to Saints who celebrate love. The first is the celebration of Saint Priscilla and Saint Aquila, which takes place on the 13th February, and honours a couple who travelled with St. Paul, helping him to spread the word of God. The second feast day celebration is on the 3rd of July, and is devoted to Saint Hyacinth (or Agios Yakinthos). Like Valentine, Hyacinth died a martyr, and his day is a celebration of love because of his true love and devotion to God which cost him his life.


The Love Story of Eros & Psyche

However, whilst Greece may not have strong connections to the common concept of Valentine’s Day, you might be surprised to learn that Greece can actually lay claim to being the birthplace to one of the oldest and most touching love stories of them all, that of Eros and Psyche. Eros was an Ancient Greek God, and the son of the beautiful Goddess Aphrodite. Psyche was a gorgeous princess, and a mere mortal, but one whose beauty (and the subsequent attention it got her) made Aphrodite very jealous. Eros was instructed by Aphrodite to curse Psyche, so that men would be unable to fall in love with her. Eros carried out his task, but in the process fell in love with Psyche himself. With the curse, Psyche was unable to marry, and her anxious parents consulted an Oracle, who, guided by Eros, told her parents that it was Psyche’s fate to marry a hideous ugly beast who lived atop a mountain, who she would never be able to lay eyes on. Accepting their daughter’s fate (this was the era of the Gods after all!) her parents sent her away to the mountain, where she married ‘the beast’. This beast was in fact Eros, who visited Psyche only at night, and forbade her to look at him or seek out his identity. Despite this, she was very much in love with him, and had a lovely life living in the castle atop the mountain. However, when her two jealous sisters visited, they convinced Psyche that ‘the beast’ was tricking her, and would murder her. They persuaded Psyche to sneak a look at the beast while he was asleep, and if necessary, murder him first. As Eros slept, Psyche lit a candle and looked at him. On seeing her husband was not a monster, but in fact a gorgeous God, Psyche fell even more madly in love. However, wax from the candle dripped onto Eros, waking him up. Feeling angry and betrayed, Eros left Psyche.



Distraught by the loss of her husband, Psyche asked the Gods for help, and eventually spoke with Aphrodite. Still jealous of Psyche and bitter about her son’s treachery, Aphrodite set Psyche three seemingly impossible challenges to complete. Psyche had to separate and sort a huge pile of grain and seeds, gather a single thread from a golden sheep living amongst a violent herd, and fill a cup with water from a spring that fed the rivers Styx and Cocytus, two of the rivers encircling Hades, God of the Underworld. With divine intervention, Psyche completed her tasks, so a furious Aphrodite demanded she descend to the Underworld and bring back a box of Persephone’s magical beauty cream. Spurred on by her love of Eros, Psyche went and collected the box, but was overcome by temptation to see what was inside (shades of Pandora’s box here!) and opened it. Aphrodite had Morpheus (god of sleep and dreams) cast a spell on the box to trick Psyche, and she was sent into a deep eternal sleep. Discovering Psyche’s fate, Eros went directly to Zeus, King of all the Gods, and begged him to save Psyche. Not wanting to deny true love, Zeus brought Psyche out of her sleep and gave her ambrosia and nectar to make her immortal. Psyche and Eros were married on Mount Olympus and gave birth to a baby daughter called Hedone (Pleasure). And they both lived happily ever after…


In Greek, Psyche means ‘soul’, and Psyche herself became Goddess of the Soul. Her struggles are a metaphor for the personal travails of the human soul in pursuit of love, and the personal growth and soul searching that happens in the face of lost love. Eros, as the God of Love, was also known as the Roman God Cupid, and over time his appearance morphed from an athletic handsome God into a beatific chubby cherub boy with wings, and a bow and magical arrows to make people fall in love. Some versions of the Psyche and Eros story even have him shooting Psyche with cursed arrows and inadvertently casting a spell on himself to fall in love with Psyche.

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