What to do in Mykonos

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Whether you go with your friends, with your flame, or with your spouse and kids; as a student or in your mature age; solo or with the whole gang; you will surely have a blast in Mykonos. For the island of the winds, boasting world class beaches, a pristinely beautiful old town, picturesque villages, 24/7 parties, glorious food, 5* services, and a unique mixture of sophistication and glamour with happy-go-lucky, laid back vibes; is no wonder amongst the planet’s “it” destinations.


Wondering what to do in Mykonos? And how to make the most out of your stay? Read on for some insider’s tips and suggestions:


Live in style in a befitting luxury villa in Mykonos


Location is everything, they say; and they are quite right. Selecting the most appropriate base is of paramount importance; but might be rather daunting, in this synonymous with the good life island; where choices abound. A good idea is to stay clear from Chora, which tends to get too noisy at times. Just 5 km away, safely removed from the hustle and bustle, yet close to the action, you’ll find glorious Panormos bay: A beautiful, sheltered cove prefered by the glitzy beau monde. This is also home to Mykonos Panormos Villas: An exclusive seaview retreat, 250 m from the beach, featuring a wide selection of accomodation options that cater for different party sizes and needs. From the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa”, to the cozier 1 bedroom hideouts, each luxury villa in Mykonos, in the MPV premium collection, is renowned for its immaculate aesthetic; blending Cycladic minimalism – crisp white walls and clean lines –with state of the art amenities to provide you with a comfortable home away from home. It is also equally famous for its 5* hospitality, and trademark array of bespoke services, guaranteed to satisfy your every desire and whim. Indeed your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos radiates beauty and positive energy. No doubt it shall become your very own haven of serenity and calm; to nurse, restore and revive you after the befittingly long, fun filled Mykoniandays and nights.


Party like Royalty


Mykonos is the ultimate party island in the Mediterranean. This means that wherever you’ll go, you’ll have a great time. But if you want to rub shoulders, dance and drink along with the true glitterati, head to Principote de Mykonos, just 250 meters away from your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos. A little slice of heaven with turquoise waters and soft pale sand, Panormos beach and its on site, super exclusive beach bar,restaurant and boutique, is the stomping ground of the island’s coolest, hippest bon vivants: A mix of aesthetes, celebrities, socialites-princes and princesses literally and metaphorically – who unfalteringly go there to spend some opulent, carefree moments in true Mykonos style. Join the party!


Have a sunset cocktail in little Venice


Little Venice in Chora, is the quaint, colorful neighbourhood with the rows of houses built on the edge of the sea. (Allegedly) they were once pirate dens; nowadays they have been turned to sophisticated cafes, bars and restaurants, serving the most delightful cocktails. Have one -preferably a champagne based concoction-while you watch the sun set down. It is a time honored ritual, observed by almost anyone who has been to Mykonos, ever since it was first instituted by pioneering visitors in the early 80’s.


Go on a cruise around Delos and Rhenia islands


A few miles from Mykonos’ shores there are two uninhabited islands: Delos with the famous archaeological site and Rhenia with its azure waters. The former shall provide ample sustenance for your imagination and aesthetic; as you traipse along the remarkably well preserved remains of the glorious ancient city. The latter will nourish your body and clear your mind; as you dive or snorkel in the crystal clear Aegean sea. The expert concierge from your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos, may arrange a private boat tour-with the vessel of your liking-along with a sumptuous on board pick nick. You just have to ask!


Enjoy a candle lit dinner at your luxury Villa in Mykonos


You don’t need a special occasion, nor excuse, to get some much deserved pampering. After all the island of the winds is all about indulgence; and no visit would be complete without enjoying a fabulous private dinner-for one, for two or for 20-at your luxury villa in Mykonos. Certainly pleasures of the palate are amongst the most essential holiday delights; and our on site chef one of the most acclaimed culinarians in this elite islandLet us spoil you rotten!