Mykonos is liberal, magnanimous and open minded. In fact it has been so ever since the 1960’s. This is why Hollywood stars, royalty, celebrities, tycoons and A listers -even the famously reclusive, “sad” princess Soraya- come here to get lost ιn the maze like streets; to flirt, drink and socialize unperturbed; to party like there is no tomorrow ; to “feel free” again, in other words.


For anything that happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos; and it is its distinctively bohemian, daring character that acts as a magnet to everyone who’s up for a good time.


It is only logical then, that one of the biggest, feel good, clubbing events οn the planet takes place in Mykonos. (more…)

This year, one of the hottest international gay circuit festivals will return to Mykonos for its 7th year! Between the 19th and the 23rd of August, over 30,000 people from all over the world will visit the XLSIOR festival for 5 days of amazing partying, incredible music, a laid-back vibe, and most of all a warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere!


What is XLSIOR?


XLSIOR was first founded in 2009 by Anastasios Kapetanias, who wanted to create an annual gay event that could be one of the top international gay party events in the world. From the 1960s and Mykonos’ development as the holiday destination of choice for the stylish and famous, the island became a chic holiday choice for gay people, thanks to its reputation for open-mindedness and the famous warm welcome offered to all visitors by the Greeks. Mykonos now has long-standing tradition as one of the most gay-friendly holiday destinations in all of Europe, making it the perfect choice of location for a festival like XLSIOR. The first festival attracted 10,000 visitors, and since then has grown in popularity and stature each year, and was last year recognised as the Number One International Circuit Party of the Year at the 10th Annual JustCircuit and JustCircuit Hall of Fame awards. (more…)