Whether you go with your friends, with your flame, or with your spouse and kids; as a student or in your mature age; solo or with the whole gang; you will surely have a blast in Mykonos. For the island of the winds, boasting world class beaches, a pristinely beautiful old town, picturesque villages, 24/7 parties, glorious food, 5* services, and a unique mixture of sophistication and glamour with happy-go-lucky, laid back vibes; is no wonder amongst the planet’s “it” destinations.


Wondering what to do in Mykonos? And how to make the most out of your stay? Read on for some insider’s tips and suggestions:


Live in style in a befitting luxury villa in Mykonos


Location is everything, they say; and they are quite right. Selecting the most appropriate base is of paramount importance; but might be rather daunting, in this synonymous with the good life island; where choices abound. A good idea is to stay clear from Chora, which tends to get too noisy at times. Just 5 km away, safely removed from the hustle and bustle, yet close to the action, you’ll find glorious Panormos bay: A beautiful, sheltered cove prefered by the glitzy beau monde. This is also home to Mykonos Panormos Villas: An exclusive seaview retreat, 250 m from the beach, featuring a wide selection of accomodation options that cater for different party sizes and needs. From the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa”, to the cozier 1 bedroom hideouts, each luxury villa in Mykonos, in the MPV premium collection, is renowned for its immaculate aesthetic; blending Cycladic minimalism – crisp white walls and clean lines –with state of the art amenities to provide you with a comfortable home away from home. It is also equally famous for its 5* hospitality, and trademark array of bespoke services, guaranteed to satisfy your every desire and whim. Indeed your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos radiates beauty and positive energy. No doubt it shall become your very own haven of serenity and calm; to nurse, restore and revive you after the befittingly long, fun filled Mykonian days and nights.


Party like Royalty


Mykonos is the ultimate party island in the Mediterranean. This means that wherever you’ll go, you’ll have a great time. But if you want to rub shoulders, dance and drink along with the true glitterati, head to Principote de Mykonos, just 250 meters away from your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos. A little slice of heaven with turquoise waters and soft pale sand, Panormos beach and its on site, super exclusive beach bar, restaurant and boutique, is the stomping ground of the island’s coolest, hippest bon vivants: A mix of aesthetes, celebrities, socialites-princes and princesses literally and metaphorically – who unfalteringly go there to spend some opulent, carefree moments in true Mykonos style. Join the party!


Have a sunset cocktail in little Venice


Little Venice in Chora, is the quaint, colorful neighbourhood with the rows of houses built on the edge of the sea. (Allegedly) they were once pirate dens; nowadays they have been turned to sophisticated cafes, bars and restaurants, serving the most delightful cocktails. Have one -preferably a champagne based concoction-while you watch the sun set down. It is a time honored ritual, observed by almost anyone who has been to Mykonos, ever since it was first instituted by pioneering visitors in the early 80’s.


Go on a cruise around Delos and Rhenia islands


A few miles from Mykonos’ shores there are two uninhabited islands: Delos with the famous archaeological site and Rhenia with its azure waters. The former shall provide ample sustenance for your imagination and aesthetic; as you traipse along the remarkably well preserved remains of the glorious ancient city. The latter will nourish your body and clear your mind; as you dive or snorkel in the crystal clear Aegean sea. The expert concierge from your luxury villa in Mykonos Panormos, may arrange a private boat tour-with the vessel of your liking-along with a sumptuous on board pick nick. You just have to ask!


Enjoy a candle lit dinner at your luxury Villa in Mykonos


You don’t need a special occasion, nor excuse, to get some much deserved pampering. After all the island of the winds is all about indulgence; and no visit would be complete without enjoying a fabulous private dinner-for one, for two or for 20-at your luxury villa in Mykonos. Certainly pleasures of the palate are amongst the most essential holiday delights; and our on site chef one of the most acclaimed culinarians in this elite island. Let us spoil you rotten!

The 2018 season is officially on! This translates to all day parties with the finest bubbly, against the backdrop of gorgeous blue and gold beaches; loads of action in the form of water sports, including parasailing, SUP or banana tubes; a hefty dose of culture via a trip to neighboring Delos-the sacred island of antiquity; intensive shopping at some of the world’s most elite designer shops; rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars as you traipse through the labyrinth, quaint streets of whitewashed Chora; and that’s not to mention sampling divine food and drink while you bask in 5 star attention!


So, great news for all Mykonos aficionados-active or lazy; young and old; solo or with company; single or coupled; with or without kids. For despite what some might be led to believe, the latter is not a contradiction in terms. In fact Mykonos family holidays are ideal, provided that you are an Epicurean. Indeed for the lovers of the good life, no matter what is their age or party composition, the island of the winds is the quintessential place to be. For what is Mykonos, if not pure, unadulterated pleasure and joy?


Planning the ideal Mykonos family holidays at Mykonos Panormos Villas


Yet there are a couple of things you should consider, whilst planning your Mykonos family holidays. Iconic Chora, is one of the most idyllic places on the planet; and you should definitely get acquainted with its manifold charms. But it gets busy and super noisy at times.So while on Mykonos family holidays, it’s best to avoid staying amidst all this hustle and bustle; and rather to opt for a quieter, more secluded spot.


Conveniently situated 5 klm from the main town and not far from the airport Mykonos Panormos Villas, is a superb option for a gateway with the kids. This is a renowned, luxurious resort just 250 meters from beautiful, long and sandy Panormos bay, home to the world’s glamorous beau monde. The waters here are shallow; while the beach is protected from the winds. Plus there is the on site Principote de Mykonos: A super elite beach bar, restaurant and boutique; one of the hottest venues on the island and the preferred playground of socialites, trend setters and A-listers. So you might as well sit back and enjoy the renowned Mykonos scene-at its best, at that!- while you watch your children play safely in the distance.


Then again for a bit of family bonding, MPV’s expert concierge, may arrange a kayaking day trip with a sumptuous picnic lunch; or an excursion to Apollo and Artemis’ birthplace and Unesco world Heritage site, Delos. What’s more you may opt to drive into the close by Kalo Livadi, Elia or Agios Ioannis beaches, for a change of scenery and to engage in various watersports- from jet ski and tubes, to parachute, diving and snorkelling. Afterwards, in the afternoon, it is always a good idea to take a leisurely stroll through Mykonos town.Get lost into the maze like streets; pop into the shops; take a selfie next to the island’s mascot Peter the Pelican; sit down at one of the beautiful waterfront cafes; eat and drink while taking in your surroundings.


Your kids are bound to love these Mykonos family holidays, as much as you are!


The most befitting accommodation for your Mykonos family holidays at Mykonos Panormos Villas


Later on you’ll return happy and satisfied to your base at Mykonos Panormos Villas. Indeed this premium collection features a vast array of outstanding accommodation options to perfectly match different party sizes and family types-from the nuclear to the extended. This means that even if you have a -really-large family, you’ ll find the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa” especially befitting; but there are also four, three and two bedroom villas with private pools, to choose from. All are beautifully appointed, blending Cycladic minimalism with the latest amenities, while offering ample indoor and outdoor living and dining space, comfy sun loungers and BBQ’s, should you wish to eat with the family al fresco, or even do some entertaining with friends.


In fact your villa of choice shall feel like a home away from home-only better! For what makes MPV truly special is it’s unique hybrid nature blending the privacy of a sequestered holiday house with the sociability and round-the-clock service of a full fledged resort. Simply put, thanks to the high level of personalized care and solutions proffered at Mykonos Panormos Villas, your Mykonos family holidays will absolutely involve loads of pampering for you and your children. An in house massage? An on call driver? A private chef to concoct a fabulous candlelit meal in your villa? Or perhaps responsible child care should you feel like wandering on Mykonos’ wild side for a bit on your own? Whatever your wish, you’ll soon find out that it is their command! Get ready to have the most wonderful Mykonos family holidays of your lives!

Summer 2017 had it all: Loads of adventure and fun under the sun, great escapades and amazing discoveries, lazy, quiet days alternating with intense action and sport, relaxation, pampering and rejuvenation of the body and mind, pleasures of the palate with delectable food and drink, ample socialising and flirting, and some, cinematic, whirlwind romances… As we are about to say goodbye to this all, we get kind of emotional and start reminiscing. In fact there is so much that we will dearly miss. So farewell Summer! Highlights from the 2017 Season at Mykonos Panormos Villas, did include some really unforgettable moments, we will forever cherish:


Mykonos is world famous for its gutsy winds and its equally raging party scene. Yet despite its flamboyant nightlife, this island has something for all. In this sun drenched haven, children and families are not only welcomed, but indeed have one hell of a time! For Mykonos, apart from dusk to dawn partying, also offers remarkably beautiful scenery, delicious food, impeccable services and great weather; and that’s not to mention the warm, friendly attitude of the locals towards children. You see, Greeks adore kids and Mykonians are no exception. (more…)

Aristotle Onassis along with Jackie and their pals used to party in Mykonos during the 60’s. Νowadays Arab princes, Russian oligarchs, Hollywood stars, international moguls and glamorous globetrotters follow in their steps. Pursuing optimum enjoyment this elite, champagne sipping, crowd selects only the best for their stay. Among their premier choices deservedly sits Mykonos Panormos Villas:  An acclaimed collection of luxury villas in Mykonos designed for maximum comfort and exclusivity.


Perched above Panormos Bay, a bohemian bourgeois haven of pale, soft sand and turquoise, blue waters, these luxury villas in Mykonos, come in different shapes and sizes to suit different accommodation preferences and needs. From the expansive 7 bedroom ‘Anassa” to the cozier 1 bedroom retreats with a private pool, each villa boasts its own unique character; Some have a family friendly ambiance, some are more suitable for boisterous groups of fun loving friends, while others are ideal for honeymooners and couples in love. (more…)

International designer shops staying open until 2:00 am, chic restaurants with Michelin starred chef, elite nightclubs with formidable bouncers and world class Dj’s, champagne sipping celebrities, European royalty and Hollywood stars, bikini clad girls and boys in swimming trunks partying at midday in hip beach bars.


This is Mykonos: the summer Mecca of this world’s cafe society.


Yet this is but one aspect. The other is of a supercharged, beautiful island with a striking- in its simplicity -architecture, amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, a great culinary tradition, based on locally sourced ingredients and an abundance of positive vibes. After all it’s no coincidence that it is so close to the island of Delos: Artemis and Apollo’s sanctuary, the epicentre of the ancient world. In fact recently Delos has been scientifically shown to vibrate on an exceptionally high energy magnetic field. (more…)

Mykonos has been a legendary party paradise since the ‘60’s. With its wealth of glamorous bars and clubs and world class restaurants, no wonder it attracts an international crowd of jetsetters and hedonistic pleasure seekers. Yet this unique, white washed idyllic island, has so much more to offer than its buzz and hubbub. Its postcard perfect scenery is only matched by its amazing positive vibes. After all it is only a half hour’s boat trip away from Delos: Perhaps the most important religious centre at Hellenistic times, a magical sacred place endowed with super charged energy, which has nowadays been justly deemed a Unesco world heritage site.

So whether an epicurean or more metaphysical in nature and pursuits-perhaps even a bit of both- Mykonos is no doubt your destination of choice. What’s more, with its glorious weather and magical light, it is especially beautiful in spring time. So why don’t you rent a villa in Mykonos and experience an unforgettable, spring holiday break? (more…)

Red roses, jewellery, heart shaped chocolates and the cutest teddy bears. Spicy lingerie, candlelit dinners and cards bearing “I love you’s” (or other more ingenious declarations of affection) .

On February 14th, lovers (actual and aspiring) around the world, take the opportunity to express their love and undying devotion in in all sorts of -often- imaginative and resourceful, ways.


But why this day? How did February 14th   become a contemporary feast of love?

The prevalent version nowadays favors the story of St. Valentine -the day is named in his honour after all. Valentine was a Roman priest, in fact the patron of epileptics. He and St Mario continued to marry Christian couples, in defiance of Claudius Gothicus’s decree. The cruel Emperor was having a hard time drafting soldiers for his military campaigns. He attributed this to men being reluctant to leave their loved ones and their families behind to go to war, so he banned marriage. The two priests were arrested, tortured and killed for their actions. While Mario has been more or less relegated to oblivion, Valentine is lavishly celebrated every year on February 14th, which is allegedly the day of his death. (more…)

Christmas has been and gone, and we’ve welcomed 2017 in style! A new year is a time of exciting change – a chance to sweep away the old and usher in the new, and an opportunity to start looking forward to what promises to be another great season at Mykonos Panormos Villas. It might seem quite hard to imagine in the depths of winter, but we’re only a few months away from spring now and the new year has got us thinking about all the great things this season of rebirth and new life represents. And did you know that spring is actually a great time to visit Mykonos? To help explain why, we’ve put together the Mykonos Panormos Villas guide to spring holidays in Mykonos just for you! Read on for more… (more…)

We’ve only got a few weeks left until we take our winter break at Mykonos Panormos Villas. We’ve had great fun as always this year, so, as the season draws to a close we thought it would be fun to take a look back over what’s been a fabulous summer 2016 here in our Panormos bay paradise. So read on for the highlights of the 2016 season at Mykonos Panormos Villas!


A New Luxury One Bedroom Sea View Private Pool Villa at Mykonos Panormos Villas

We kicked off the new season at Mykonos Panormos Villas with a brand new addition to our lineup of luxury sea view villas in Panormos bay. The one bedroom sea view villa is a stylish and spacious villa designed just for couples holidays in Mykonos. The one bedroom villas have their own private pools as well as gorgeous views of the sea and Panormos bay. At the start of the summer, we commissioned the extremely talented photographer Nikos Mastoras for a photoshoot of our lovely new villas, and you can check out the results in all their glory in the one bedroom private pool villas gallery. The new one bedroom villas proved a big hit with our guests, who loved the privacy and romantic feel of the new villas. Not to mention of course, the range of luxury facilities and personalised tailor made services that are offered with every single one of our luxury sea view villas! But that’s not all that was new for 2016…


New Breakfast & Private Dining Food Menu at Mykonos Panormos Villas

Breakfast & Private Dining Food Menu

This year we also overhauled the breakfasts we offer with our luxury villas. You can now enjoy an authentic Greek breakfast with a host of locally sourced ingredients, giving you the perfect healthy way to start your day in magical Mykonos. And that wasn’t all the treats we had in store for the foodies this year. We also created a brand new food menu of Greek, BBQ and fish delights for you to enjoy as part of our private dining chef service in the comfort and luxury of your private sea view villa in Panormos bay.


The Hot New Spots in Mykonos in 2016

As you know, Mykonos is one of the best party islands there is, and it’s always at the cutting edge of fashion and the latest trends, with new restaurants, beach bars, clubs and boutiques arriving every year. 2016 was no exception, with new Mykonos hot spots like Mykonos Bar, Dome Club, Rakkan Restaurant, K for Kiku and the Tskerkov boutique store joining favourites like Cavo Paradiso, Nammos Beach Bar & Restaurant and Scorpios beach bar and restaurant. Closer to home, the beach bar below our sea view villas in Panormos bay relaunched as the lovely Principauté de Mykonos – Panormos with a fabulous new menu of delicious dishes.


Weddings & Events in Mykonos

We were lucky enough to host several luxury weddings in Mykonos at our luxury sea view villas in Panormos Bay this year! Each wedding was absolutely magical, and it was a true privilege for us to be able to share the most special day of our brides’ and grooms’ lives in such a beautiful setting. One of our favourite weddings was our first of the season, which was held a short walk from our villas at the stunningly romantic Agios Sostis Chapel by the sea, with a cosmopolitan wedding reception party at our luxury 5 Bedroom Villa with Private Pool. And speaking of parties, we hosted a selection of luxury Mykonos bachelorette and bachelor parties at Mykonos Panormos Villas this year too, with several prospective brides and grooms sharing their last few days of freedom with their closest family and friends in a sunny paradise with gorgeous sea views.


Yoga Heaven Mykonos Arrived at Mykonos Panormos Villas

yoga health week at Mykonos Panormos Villas

One of the real highlights of the year for us was launching our luxury yoga retreat breaks at Mykonos Panormos Villas. In September a group of 8 women arrived for the first ever yoga health week at Mykonos Panormos Villas, and had a wonderful time staying in two luxury villas! Led by Bella, their experienced yoga trainer from Hamburg, they practiced some fantastic yoga and pilates activities, enjoying yoga lessons in wonderfully peaceful surroundings by the villa’s’ private pool and even on the deserted Panormos beach below. They enjoyed the healthy and nutritional breakfasts from our new improved breakfast menu, as well as lovely snacks and Greek salads in the afternoon, served up by our private chef. The ladies also made the most of what autumn in Mykonos has to offer too, enjoying, the beaches, bars, restaurants and the shopping in the Chora. They can’t wait to come back next year!


Great Reviewed & Best Design Stylish Villas in Mykonos

2016 marked the second year we’ve had our 5 Bedroom Villa with Private Pool featured on the international stylish home design website community Houzz. Both the Italian and French versions of the site have written articles praised the boutique style and interior design of our largest villa. As always, it was an absolute pleasure to welcome all our guests to our luxury sea view villas in Panormos bay this year. We were thrilled that so many of you had such a lovely villas holiday in Mykonos with us, and thank you for the kind words and compliments you left for us on TripAdvisor. Our villas were described as “one of the best places to stay at in Mykonos”, and several of you loved our new one bedroom villa with private pool in particular – “a private and romantic place to stay in Mykonos” and “ideal for couples”. Lots of you described enjoying “the perfect Mykonos vacation” with us too, and even called our villas a “home away from home” which meant the world to us. So thank you to everyone who has stayed with us this year, and we’re already looking forward to welcoming you back next year!